The Garage Art Center Opens Gallery in Bayside, New York

The Garage Art Center
The Garage Art Center will open a gallery in Bayside, New York, in April of 2020.

The Garage Art Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community art center that recently opened in the Bayside neighborhood of New York. The purpose of the organization is to support and promote the public interest, awareness, knowledge, and education in the visual arts in Queens, New York. Originally scheduled to open in April of 2020, the gallery will be hosting online and appointment-only viewings in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Once the crisis has ended, a belated on-site opening will be celebrated.

The Garage Art Center has a mission to present quality arts that engage, educate and foster the diverse communities of Queens, New York. As a neighborhood art playground run by artists, the organization supports both local and international artists, and arts organizations in presenting quality art exposure and educational experiences for the benefit of the local community. The Garage Art Center, Inc. plans to fulfills its mission by providing multi-disciplinary programs reflecting the diversity of our local community. Its artists and programs promote the pleasure and appreciation of art, support the creative endeavor of artists, and enhance the quality of life by introducing audiences to new forms and genres of art.

The Garage Art Center
“Friendscape” is the first exhibition at the gallery which will take place online due to COVID-19.

Detailed purpose and list of major activities:

  • The Garage Museum Program: Solo exhibitions to highlight the in-depth philosophy of an individual artist and occasional group exhibitions that explore compelling themes.
  • The Garage Education Program: Hands-on art workshops, artist talks, art lectures, and panel discussions for the public.
  • The Garage Community Program: Guided gallery group visit and onsite group workshop at community centers in the Queens area and beyond.
The Garage Art Center
A description of the show and gallery.

There are no charges for artists to do exhibitions at the gallery and 100% of artwork sales go directly to the artists. There are also no admissions fees for visitors so all of the workshops and events are free to the public. The artists associated The Garage Art Center want to connect, communicate, and create a community with art rather than make a profit and earn fame. They believe that if good artists gather together to show and share what they have, then the arts community as a whole can continue the journey of spreading the value of art within the community, grow together, and show the world what art can do and how art can transform and enrich every one of us.

The debut show–which will be hosted online only due to the virus–is a solo exhibition by artist Sueim Koo entitled “Friendscape,” The show will feature Sueim’s abstract and surreal paintings which are inspired by landscapes, her journals, and interpersonal relationships, such as those one might have with their friends. Each lustrous canvas tells a story rich with psychological metaphors revealing both spiritual and lyrical emotions.

The Garage Art Center
The beautiful, abstract, and surreal artwork of Sueim Koo is the premiere exhibition at the gallery.

After Sueim Koo’s exhibition closes, there will be a series of solo exhibitions and workshops thereafter. Scheduled exhibitions include ceramic and textile artist Amy Supton’s “Wildflowers: An Exhibit of Clay & Fiber” and multidisciplinary artist Tina Seligman’s “Wave Forms.” Bead artist Linda Rettich’s “Happily Ever After?” will also be featured as will artist Frances Hynes’ “The Shape and Line of Home.” Hands-on workshops and activities held by artists will include activities such as weaving flower ornaments, making sea scrolls, water color painting, assembling beaded earrings, and more. The exhibitions and workshops are all free and will be open to the public with registration AFTER the coronavirus crisis is over. For more information, and email at

The Garage Art Center, Inc.
26-01 Corporal Kennedy Street
Bayside, NY 11360

Gallery Hours
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
1 pm – 5 pm
(Opens during the exhibition only)

Facebook: TheGarageArtCenter
Instagram:  @garageartcenter