The New Normal: Interview with Energy Specialist Amelia Vogler

New Normal
Amelia Vogler, grounding expert and energy medicine specialist, is helping people cope with the “new normal” after Covid.

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on billions of people across the globe. Now, as things start to reopen, people must cope with the “new normal” and readjust to life post-pandemic. Amelia Vogler, grounding expert and energy medicine specialist, realizes that this can be an emotionally and mentally difficult process. She notes that there are simple and natural ways to help restore and improve mental, physical and spiritual health through mindfulness which is the practice of watching your thoughts or feelings without judgment. Amelia suggests the following three tips:

#1: Breathe Deeply—Take a moment and place your palms on your chest and breathe; attentively follow to the rise and fall of your chest under the presence of your familiar breath. This will help you refocus attention, allow the speed of your mind to naturally slow until you feel one with the present moment.

#2: Laugh—Laughter is strong medicine for shifting worry to joy and keeping you connected to happiness as a foundation for the new you are creating.

#3: Be Compassionate—Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. Borrow your best friend’s perspective, and invoke their gentle and loving perspective. Not judging harshly increases happiness.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first realize that you wanted to be in the wellness field and why do you focus on energy?

Amelia Vogler (AV): When I was a very small child, I was born with gifts of being able to sense, see, and experience the energies of others in a myriad of ways. Over time, as I grew, I allowed these sensitivities to take a back seat to my ordinary experience of what I might call “normal life.” When I was a little girl, I have many memories of being in my father’s funeral home (a funeral home that has been in our family for over 250 years in Winston-Salem, NC).  As a young child, I would visit the funeral home after school while Dad finished up paperwork. Sometimes, I would roller skate through the linoleum hallways, sometimes I would go look in the rooms that I wasn’t supposed to look into. The dead are an empty type of quiet. They are an empty type of still. They are lightless and their eyes especially lack the little glimmer of light that those of us who are alive have. It was that light that called me to healing.

That light is that which is life and that which heals all of life.  That light is what sparked in me a dedication to understanding, what makes us alive and what it means to be truly alive – in body, in mind, and in Spirit. I did not realize it then, but that light that so fascinated me was the same light that I was sensing, seeing, and experiencing as a little girl.  It took a lifetime of severe migraines to eventually lead me to an energy-based holistic modality called Healing Touch.  After one year of consistent treatment, two things happened to me. I was forever cured of those migraines; I haven’t gotten one in close to 17 years and all of my sensitivities to energy returned and I was back home in the light. Because I personally saw the curative power of energy medicine, I dedicated myself to increasing the sensitivity of my natural gifts through the study and practice of these modalities to help others. After 15 years of practice, I have helped over 7,000 people with life limiting beliefs such as not feeling like they belong, not feeling like they ever fit in, or not feeling loveable or worthy. In other words, helping them remember the light in their eye.

MM: How were you personally impacted by the pandemic?

AV: The pandemic was incredibly challenging for me. First, as soon as there was even a whisper of the virus in China, I felt the energy of it, and I knew that this was going to be one of the most challenging collective sufferings on Earth that we have seen in a long time. My first conversation was with my husband about my intuitive sense. My second conversation was with my father and brother, who co-own the family funeral home. I remember saying to them, “This is going to be bad, and you need to change things NOW.” I remember calling the Medical Examiner’s office and getting information about what was known about the transfer of virus from the bodies. They didn’t know anything. I remember re-writing all of the processes and protocols and helping them figure out how best to facilitate more distance-based compassionate care. The one thing about this funeral home is every single staff person cares so deeply for the families they serve. In ways, I have felt like a consultant drawing from some experience deep in my bones, in my ancestry.

The pandemic was filled with constant fear for me. Even as someone who manages anxiety with resiliency and resources, thinking of my father and brother in the funeral home was constant stress. The fear was like a continuous ghost lingering in my heart.  I would stay awake thinking of my father going home to my mother and my brother returning home to his wife and their three small children.  I would try as well as I can to ground myself in trusting the larger plan that I cannot see and stay open to the goodness and the everyday miracles that also came through this time.  These being the kindness of strangers, the collective efforts, the extraordinary stories of heroism in the essential workers.  Throughout the pandemic, I was on the tightrope walking between fear and inspiration and hope.  I feel as though I came through the pandemic with a greater awareness of the power of community, the grace of togetherness, and the effulgent love that rose from collective grief and collective healing.

MM: How did you discover the merits of mindfulness?

AV: Mindfulness has come to me naturally. I am consistently fascinated by how beauty appears for us in the everyday. I try to think of mindfulness not as a task or a practice but as an opportunity to look for tiny miracles and evidence of beauty.  This allows me to live with open eyes rather than practicing living with eyes open. It becomes easier to sit in curiosity and allow myself to be awed. Mindfulness became a way of being that has continually nourished me in my life and inspired me to always look at problems as opportunities that open the doors to the everyday miraculous.

MM: How did you find the primary three tips you’ve provided (your 3 mindfulness tips to help improve mental wellbeing amidst this “new normal”)?

AV: Life, as we know, always ebbs through periods of stability and periods of instability. My three tips for the new normal have been practices that have held me through these undulations of life. Laughter still remains the best medicine. I keep memories and pictures, and funny Twitter accounts on hand whenever I need a little boost! I’m a science lover and the technical, so these tips also have some beautiful research behind them.  Laughter has even been scientifically proven to increase serotonin (the happiness hormone) and increases our capacity to rewire our neuropathways to allow for more resilience during challenging times. Compassion, which is our ability to “suffer with” another or “suffer with ourselves” in a loving manner, when incited in meditation, can actually activate the parts of the brain that control empathy and our emotional intelligence. Compassion creates this beautiful inner wisdom of caring for self and others and attending to suffering.

The third tip, seeing the world with kind eyes, actually comes from my personal work around my inner critic. Oy! The practice of seeing the light, seeing beauty, looking for everyday miracles was in part my nature but also a response to a very unhealthy and driving inner critic.  Managing this inner critic helped me understand the restorative benefit of seeing myself or my situation with kindness.  It is incredible when we see through our grandmother’s eyes of love and care that we can be less rigid, see with soft eyes, and not get too attached to anyone’s specific way or detail.

MM: What has been the best thing about working in the wellness industry so far?

AV: I could easily say the miracles that I see almost every single day with my clients. And, while gifts and the miraculous are amazing, what I love the most is being the witness to others while they begin to see the miraculous in their own life. There is nothing more beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging than to see someone free themselves of suffering and begin to step into life with a perspective that can be open to beauty. Every day I go to sleep, I feel as though every day I feel deeply that I have helped someone live more alive. This is the absolute best feeling I could ever ask for in life.

MM: What do you think every person can do to increase compassion for themselves and others?

AV: I believe that increasing our compassion first comes with self-forgiveness – in all of the different intensities of this practice.  We can offer ourselves forgiveness for small things  – letting our inner critic disparage us for eating not one, not two, but THREE scoops of ice cream. It’s summertime, and ice cream is truly amazing! Then, we can offer ourselves forgiveness for larger things – for the time we acted less than stellar in a relationship. Perhaps, we were doing the best that we knew how at that time. Self-forgiveness is an act of compassion, so practicing this increases that loving bond with yourself, upon which your positive relationship with your own light will grow!

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

AV: Many people think about grounding in quieting the mind, balancing the emotions, and stilling the nervous system. However, grounding is a more profound practice of coming home to the ALL of who you are or finding that light in your eyes and life. This type of grounding practice brings us to a place of feeling a deep connection with their life, knowing that they are loveable and worthy of giving and receiving love, and feeling deeply connected to others and themselves. I am passionate about helping people remember their light, and I know it is absolutely possible for each of us! Amelia freely offers a short course to support individuals in their personal grounding practices. You can find “The Great Practice of Grounding: A Freely Offered Short Course to Ground your Body, Mind, and Spirit,” on my website here and follow me on Instagram @AmeliaVogler_Healing