The Post Covid Marketing Machine: Interview with Author Guy Powell

Guy Powell
“The Post Covid Marketing Machine: Prepare Your Team to Win” is a new book by author Guy Powell that focuses on marketing strategies and ROI on a global level.

“The Post Covid Marketing Machine: Prepare Your Team to Win” is a new book by author Guy Powell that focuses on marketing strategies and ROI on a global level. In the book, Guy expertly provides marketers with the strategies, tools and tactics to continuously improve their skills and exceed their company’s sales and profit goals. Guy prides himself on helping his readers to build “marketing machines” that properly organize and collect marketing data, connect marketing activities to sales, and structure operations for continuous improvements.

Guy understands how important it is to make fact-based, strategic and tactical marketing decisions since he has spent nearly twenty years working in the field of marketing. As the founder of ProRelevant Marketing Solutions, Guy has trained thousands of marketers in a wide variety of industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), high-tech, financial services, telecom, and airlines.

Marketing Mid-COVID and Post-COVID changed drastically. Consumer purchase behavior and media consumption were different. “The Post-COVID Marketing Machine” addresses these “new rules” of marketing to survive and thrive in the post-COVID marketing world. Guy recently discussed this book and its content via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get interested in marketing and how did you break into the business world?

Guy Powell (PG): My education was as an engineer, but I had always planned on getting an MBA.  After securing my MBA, I began working as a strategy and marketing consultant with ATKearney in Germany.  I then expanded into product and brand management. It is my engineering education and experience which provided a great background to combine marketing and analytics. My experience living and working abroad coupled with becoming fluent in the language provided a basis to improve overall my written communications. The result = the desire to write a book.

MM: What areas or fields involving marketing most interest you and why?

PG: Through ProRelevant, my strengths in marketing are in analytics and the operations of large brands. Larger brands have strong emotional components that are found with smaller brands but are often out of reach of those smaller brand. Since larger brands have more funds to invest in marketing, their decisions are a big part of how well the overall company performs. For example, we built a marketing machine for a large financial services provider.  We helped them use data driven marketing to support their launch as they were spun-off from a Fortune 1000 company. As a result of our marketing effects over the past few years we have helped the company generate over $1Billion in incremental sales.

MM: When and why did you establish your own company and how hard was it to launch and then keep afloat?

PG: The hardest thing about establishing a company is keeping it going.  So many businesses fail within the first year. For over 15 years, ProRelevant has been delivering analytical and measurement marketing to our clients. We have worked hard to differentiate ourselves through our strong domain expertise.  I have written “The Post-COVID Marketing Machine” book as a result of day-to-day experience from these 15 years.

MM: How did Covid affect both your business and the marketing and business worlds in general?

PG: ProRelevant grew during COVID. While we certainly had some clients that saw their share of problems, the dynamics caused by COVID meant that the marketing decisions made by these businesses were even more important. We worked hand-in-hand with clients to be sure that needs were met based on data-driven insights. Each decision was made to provide the confidence that each marketing move would help them succeed in the marketplace.

MM: What drove you to write this book and how long did it take?

PG: COVID was such a shock to business and to marketing that it was obvious the world was going to be irreversibly changed. Consumer purchase and media behavior had changed requiring a new way for marketers to structure their view of the marketplace.  Marketers needed to know how other best-in-class marketers responded and how they could learn from them to position their activities moving forward. This was the genesis for “The Post-COVID Marketing Machine” book. Overall, it required about twenty months to complete the book once I put pen to paper.

Guy PowellMM: What content in this book do you think is the most valuable and why? Essentially, can you provide us with any little spoilers?

PG: There are three key points to learn through “The Post-COVID Marketing Machine.”  At a high level, marketers must always understand how consumer make purchase decisions.  This is nothing new, but because of COVID three key dimensions changed across all age groups.  Some consumer groups had already moved down the path below, but every other segment now caught up.

  1. Consumer purchase behavior – Instead of purchasing in store, consumers were comfortable making purchases for low- and high-ticket items on the Internet. The ease of online shopping and buying was forever made simpler through advances made by retailers as they re-focused their companies during COVID.
  2. Consumer media consumption behavior – Binge-watching, subscription video on demand (SVOD) as well as Ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) all skyrocketed.  Linear TV declined significantly.
  3. Consumer media response behavior – There was no longer dashing off to the store.  For all ages, information was immediately available on the Internet.

MM: What’s the best feedback you’ve gotten about your work?

PG: There’s nothing better than to have a client or prospective client want to implement a marketing machine.  One of our best clients continues to give us kudos for the marketing machine we built for them. We began with a total overhaul of their marketing data allowing great advanced analytics.  It has changed the way they make strategic and tactical marketing decisions. We now provide them a monthly updated data dashboard and some related analytics so they can see exactly how their marketing is delivering.  Because of our work, their sales and profits have continued to grow since the initial COVID shock.

MM: How do you hope your career evolves over the next five years?

PG: I see “The Post-COVID Marketing Machine” book supporting my business efforts and helping marketers to continuously improve their marketing and their effectiveness. Those marketers following the marketing machine concepts will earn more and be more successful in their careers.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

PG: My next book will be on a related topic — focusing on the digital component of marrying analytics and digital marketing to deliver more value online.

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To learn more about Guy, visit his official website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. To purchase his book, see here.