True Colors: Interview with Actress and Musical Artist Jacqueline Lord

True Colors
“True Colors” is the title of a new cover of a classic song released via a collaboration between “American Idol” star David Hernandez and “Magnum PI” actress Jacqueline Lord.

“True Colors” is the title of a new cover of a classic song. Released via a collaboration between “American Idol” star David Hernandez and “Magnum PI” actress Jacqueline Lord, the song is intended to support the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride month. The video is available at:

Jacqueline Lord got her start as a model with the IMG agency which landed her appearances in campaigns for major brands such as Royal Caribbean, Crest, AT&T, and Priori Skincare. Being comfortable in front of a camera, Jacqueline went on to star in television shows including “Two and a Half Men,” “Hawaii Five-O,” and “Magnum PI.” She then expanded into the music industry with her pop-dance song entitled “Killer.”

Working with David, Jacqueline helped create a cover version of “True Colors” which is an especially timely and relevant release at this moment in history. She recently discussed this collaboration and her career via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first realize that you wanted to be a model and how did you break into that industry?

Jacqueline Lord (JL): Like most models, I was identified by a talent scout as having modeling potential. Being age 18, it didn’t take much to lure me away from my studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign to pursue a more glamorous lifestyle based out of Milan, New York and Miami.

MM: Was it tough to move from the Midwest to New York and how much did that move help your career?

JL: At the time, the challenges of moving to the big city were perceived only as new and exciting opportunities to experience the world. The tough part was resisting the pressures and corruption endemic in a male-dominated industry filled with unscrupulous characters of all types. Moving, however, was essential because it was impossible to start a career without living in one of the modeling hubs.

MM: How did you discover your acting ability and land roles on major TV shows?

JL: There are many crossover opportunities between modeling and acting and I had the opportunity to dip my toe in the water a few times before deciding to make a serious commitment to the craft. Acting, however, is its own art form requiring development and refinement of talent and skills. With a little luck, you can fake it at first and land a few roles but eventually you have to put in your 10,000 hours of study and practice to become a truly proficient artist.

MM: How did you get into singing and do you write your own lyrics and melodies?

JL: My mother was a concert violinist and single mother who supplemented her income by giving piano lessons at home. Music was an inescapable part of my childhood and I always embraced the medium. I began playing piano and composing basic melodies at age 5 with lyrics soon to follow. It was a steady progression from there.

Jacqueline Lord
Jacqueline Lord is a model, actress, and singer.

MM: How did you meet David and why did you two decide to collaborate on a cover version of “True Colors”?

JL: David and I were introduced by a mutual friend who was familiar with our respective talents and thought that we could create an interesting sound together. We were experimenting with song ideas when he suggested “True Colors” and he explained what the song’s message meant to him. I started to play the piano and he sang a few verses but when we harmonized, it felt magical and filled with raw emotion. We immediately knew that we had found our song.

MM: What other songs might you cover in the future?

JL: We are actually working on a full set of songs that we could perform live once smaller venues open up. Adding David’s amazing vocals to songs like the jazz versions of Toxic or Angie that I previously recorded may be the best options for the intimate venues where live music may first return. We are looking forward to selecting the songs together.

MM: In this time of change, how do you hope the song helps to inspire fans?

JL: Although I would find “True Colors” to be timeless and inspirational under normal circumstances, it seems to me that the world would be much improved if each individual was simply able to let their better self (their true colors) shine through the noise and the negativity.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

JL: I am very excited about the attention and publicity that the positive message of “True Colors” has been receiving. I hope to continue to enthusiastically spread that message until I am able to resume live performances later this summer.


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