Vet Vittles Pet “Candy” Line Launches as the Westminster Dog Show Approaches

Vet Vittles
Vet Vittles is a line of products for dogs and cats designed by Felix Gurman, father of fashion designer Alexander Gurman who attends Westminster annually.

The Westminster Dog Show is the most popular dog show in America. Commencing in New York City every February, the show is attended by scores of the nose dog-dedicated individuals including some celebrities and leaders in dog-centered industries. Among attendees is fashion producer Alexander Gurman whose father, Felix, is a renowned Brooklyn-based scientist. Felix is also the manager of a vet practice led by licensed veterinarian Igor Brodetsky and the president of a company called Vet Vittles. As the 2020 dog show approaches, Alexander is most excited about two aspects: the increasing profound role that artificial intelligence is playing in the ceremony and introducing his father’s latest per-centered invention—candy for dogs and cats.

Vet Vittles
Dental Tea is good for pets teeth and is designed to be tasty for their enjoyment.

“The power of artificial intelligence at Westminster dog show had become very obvious in recent years,” Alexander stated via an exclusive interview. “For years I attended the Westminster dog show for various reasons, to see the best dogs, to find new contacts, to cover the show as a media and so on. Eventually I realized the power that Westminster dog show has is its appeal to the billionaires, for the folks who have the most expensive dogs in the world, those are connected with most powerful people on earth.”

Some of the biggest celebrities attend the show and sit plainly in the crowd. While most of the wealthiest people do not want their name to be mentioned, the modern-day access to artificial intelligence enables cameras to detect facial recognition. Hence, it’s easier and easier to see the A-listers that the show attracts.

Vet Vittles
The calming tea product helps stressed pets relax.

“It’s a double-edged sword because some people really don’t want to be seen in public or bring attention to themselves,” Alexander stated, “but for other celebrities it’s good to be seen at events like this. It endears them to fans.”

Alexander is hopeful that the number of celebrities at the event will help him raise interest in Vet Vittles, his father’s original line of products for dogs. From vitamins to herbal medications, the line contains many beneficial items for beloved pets. The latest addition to the offerings is candy for dogs—that is, candy that is specially designed to be safe, delicious, and even healthy for dogs.

“My father has worked with animals for many years and he invented this chocolate for cats and dogs which is made from coconut which is actually healthy for pets,” Alexander states. “He also made a new tea for dogs that cleans canine and feline teeth. It’s also tasty so it’s a good gift to give to your four-legged friend.”

Vet Vittles
Vet Vittles has created a line of safe pet snacks.

Since the Westminster Dog Show is coming up in only a few months, Alexander and Felix Gurman view it as a great opportunity to produce images and videos that can provide marketing support that are, via the arena of the show, in the public domain.

To see photos that Alexander took at past shows, see his Facebook and YouTube. To learn more about Vet Vittles, visit their official website:

Vet Vittles
Vet Vittles is a brand owned by scientist Felix Gurman.