Wall Stories: Interview with Executive Élaine Paquin

Wall Stories
Wall Stories is a new line by Quinco & Cie. that merges wall art with technology for a truly unique and interactive experience.

Wall Stories is a new line by Quinco & Cie. that merges wall art with technology for a truly unique and interactive experience. This brand produces a line of interactive wall decals that employ augmented reality (AR) to stir creativity and imaginative play via an accompanying Wall Stories App. Having this set on the wall keeps children engaged, entertained, and educated in a way that feels like play! There are three modes to the play:

  • Storymode invites children to read along with their smart devices like open picture books. Every story can be read or listened to in English or French!
  • Game modeencourages educational play with games on the smart device. Each game is themed based on the aesthetic of the wall decal and includes three levels of difficulty for those who want an engaging experience.
  • Creative modegives children the freedom to virtually personalize their rooms through the Wall Stories app’s interactive augmented reality. In Creative Mode, children can design and create their own space for play!

Quinco & Cie is the company behind “Wall Stories.” A Canadian home decor and design manufacturer, the company strives to surprise, innovate, and reinvent the way families approach designing the home space.

Élaine Paquin, the Chief Executive Officer of Quinco & Cie., the company behind Wall Stories, recently discussed this brand via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first realize that you wanted to work in the toy industry and how did you get involved with Wall Stories?

Élaine Paquin (EP): We have worked with Disney in the past from 2005 to 2010. We were manufacturing Disney peel-and-stick wall tiles and other kids wall decor, selling them through Home Depot and Walmart.  It’s always been stimulating to design products that are very colorful and fun for a different clientele, such as kids! Wall Stories was a natural thing to go back to when the idea came up from a new partner back in 2018.

MM: How did you get interested in augmented reality technology and how long did Wall Stories take to develop?

EP: In 2018, we partnered with ADzif, who had also been working in the kid’s wall decor category for a while. AR (augmented reality) started to become quite popular in some other products and we knew we could adapt it to ours. We thought we needed to bring this product category up to speed with new technology, and AR seemed to be the perfect fit! It took about 14 months to get Wall Stories up and running for its first four products in the Ludo collection! Once we had that internal collection done, we met with some licensors from PAW Patrol and Sesame Street to collaborate on our latest products.

MM: What most intrigues you about augmented reality?

EP: It was an exciting project because it involved a lot more than just designing wall art.  We needed movement, stories, voices, and music!  This medium really gets the viewer interactively involved as opposed to simply viewing static art on your wall! Now, the art comes to life and you can engage in reading and fun through the Wall Stories app!

MM: How did you come up with the themes and characters for your brand and who designed them?

EP: We have a great French artist called Ségo that owns the Ludo characters, and she’s been designing them for 20 years.  It was an amazing project for her as well, as she had never put voices and movement on her characters before.

MM: The music industry has such a fun and catchy melody at its center, so how did you find the composer?

EP: The composer was a friend from Montreal who had great fun working on this project!

MM: How did you decide which themes to make each mural?

EP: It was really important for us to differentiate ourselves from other wall decals that use AR.  We had to be more than just movement, so when we were designing Wall Stories, we wanted our stories and themes to be educational, as well. This is why our first four stories are focused on helping children learn about numbers, the alphabet, music, and colouring. We build the stories and the games around these themes. We also added an interactive feature with the creative mode where kids can virtually add stickers to their walls. It’s the learning part of the AR where kids get to play with augmented reality.

Wall StoriesMM: How did you decide on the games and stories and which feature are you most proud of to date?

EP: The games had to be educative (smart), simple, and had to match the 4 educational themes we had selected.

  • I’m discovering reading! features a memory game.
  • I’m discovering music! is a musical game in a Simon Says style.
  • I’m discovering colours! focuses on drawing and mixing colours.
  • I’m discovering numbers! is focused on counting in its Seek and Find game.

MM: How did you secure the licenses for major brands like PAW Patrol?

EP: It’s really because the product we developed is smart, creative and original!  That’s what people are looking for today!

MM: What do you hope is the future of Wall Stories?

EP: The product is going to evolve.  We have great ideas for it.

MM: What has been the best thing about working in the toys and games industry so far?

EP: It’s a dynamic industry filled with a colorful variety of products! The industry is very inspiring, and it helps that one of our slogans at Quinco & Cie inc. is: “Our creativity is inspired by colors”!

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

EP: We are adding “Peppa Pig goes to the Moon” and a new girl-focused PAW Patrol “High flying Skye” to our fall 2021 collection!

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To learn more about Wall Stories, check out their website, InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

Wall Stories are available for purchase online at Amazon.com and Target in the US.

For Canadian retailers, Wall Stories is available online at Amazon.caCanadian TireToys”R”Us Canada, and Indigo.