Zombie-Based Learning: An Outside-The-Box Approach to Education

Zombie-Based Learning
Zombie-Based Learning is an untraditional method of teaching.

Zombie-Based Learning isn’t a joke, it’s a trend, and one that apparently has plenty of benefits if implemented correctly. Entertainment-Education (often shortened to simply E-E) is a form of education that entertains people while they learn. Hence, some people might be entertained by a medium—such as app game, TV show, or movie—and be learning new information at the same time. In the current culture climate of entertainment and amusement over all else, educators are seeking ways to use entertaining methods to engage young learners. Notably, more children than ever before are learning away from classrooms and it is likely that the next generation of children will be able to get complete educations without stepping foot inside a schoolroom. Considering this, most educators are now incorporating E-E tactics into virtual learning systems that can be accessed via mobile devices like phones. From this was born Games-Based Learning which is similar to E-E except that it requires learners to take an active role in their content being presented to them.

Zombie-Based Learning
Zombie-Based Learning is one of the stranger–yet seemingly effective–methods of Entertainment-Education and/or Games-Based Learning.

One of the most unusual education-oriented offerings that has come out of this push for E-E and/or Games-Based Learning virtual media is “Zombie-Based Learning.” These are academic lessons that revolve around a game that involve zombies…characters that were previously the sole property of the horror genre. This highly unusual idea has garnered much attention and has proved useful for many young people who use the program to learn and have fun at the same time. Noting the extreme upswing in popularity that zombies and the overall “zombie genre” has experienced in the past few years, educators have decided to use the much-loved media to educate as well as entertain.

“Zombie-Based Learning” tries to incorporate zombies into otherwise classic academic lessons. For example, David Hunter created a Zombie-Based Learning course focusing on the subject of geography. Like traditional geography lessons, the zombie-based course includes lessons, assessments, and rubrics for teachers to measure student’s learning progress. A 500 printed zombie-based learning textbook is also available. The Zombie-Based Learning curriculum is available globally and has been shipped to about a dozen countries including Tanzania, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Zombie-Based Learning
The existence of Zombie-Based Learning highlights the narrowing gap between entertainment content and educational content.

Zombie-Based-Learning might be a highly unusual (some would say ludicrous) method of education but it nevertheless engages children in the lesson and makes the content interesting. Hence, those who use the curriculum might actually learn much more than they realize. If a medium gets a child to absorb and retain valuable information then adults should approach it with open minds, especially in this day and age full of rapid changes in educational methods.

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