New York, Nuclear Bombs, and the United Nation’s 74th Birthday


Why Keep the United Nations Running?

In less than 100 years wars went from killing thousands, to killing tens of millions with the potential of killing every human, easily, on the planet. October 24th celebrates the United Nations’ 74th year.

The Past

1914-1918 Four Years 16,000,000 people died in World War I, with civilian and military casualties estimates at ~ 37,000,000 million people.
1939-1945  Five Years ~60,000,000 died in World War II
1945 August 6th  44 seconds  185,000 deaths 110,000 died instantly, but then, 75,000 died of trauma or radiation.

Photo Credit Wikimedia Commons Patrick Gruban

1945 October 24th The founding of the United Nations to maintain international peace and security.



The Present: Weaponry and Unpaid Dues


•  2019 1,000,000 rounds per minute: The Metal Storm gun makes the M134 look like a toy. The prototype gun system was rated at 16,000 rounds per second or 1,000,000 rounds per minute.

•  2019 Trump’s administration hasn’t payed our billion dollars in dues to the United Nations, so far. Also, the United Nation staff may go unpaid next month due to the U.S. and other member states not paying their dues.

980, 772 fatalities 896,00 injuries people would die if one nuclear bomb hit New York City.  If a nuclear bomb dropped on the Upper West side, here’s what would happen:

Capture Screen of Outrider.Org’s Nuclear Bomb Scenario Page

The Future

The United Nations is an attempt to avoid these numbers.

Looking forward, it’s what the world will look like, eventually I suggest, without warring borders. The UN looks at issues like violence against women, or world health, or the rights of workers with a global view.

If you are fascinated by international politics you can join the UN Association here. New York, of course, is considered the ‘host’ ambassador of the world.

If you’re a student, you can join in the Assembly here.

If you enjoy volunteering and want to consider the United Nations, go here.