Abolish Policing End the Practice of Creating Criminals

Abolish Policing
Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

It is a radical notion to most but we must abolish policing and end the practice of creating criminals. With real crime down, non-violent vice crimes to seatbelt violations fill prisons with offenders of political and social opinion. People, who have not violated another’s person or property, caged to generate revenue. Unconscionable is: living in a “free nation”, being subjected to theft, imprisonment, even death over a traffic infraction. How are we free when assumed authority scrutinizes our every action for the opportunity to rob us?

Abolish Policing, It Doesn’t Serve or Protect

They are Law Enforcement Officers and we’re told they serve and protect? These are contrary notions, and they simply don’t protect and don’t have to.

“The law is an adroit mixture of customs that are beneficial to society, and could be followed even if no law existed, and others that are of advantage to a ruling minority, but harmful to the masses of men, and can be enforced only by terror.”

Kropotkin spells it out, but it bears restating for reinforcement. The law is a few things most of us recognize as bad and wouldn’t otherwise do. Then come along the political class to pile on a mass of victimless code violations to generate revenue. Then come the jack-booted thugs to enforce them.

Abolish Policing for Profit
Abolish Policing DUI Checkpoint

We are to believe that policing protects us but, “there’s never a cop around when you need one”. Police almost never prevent crime. The police arrive on the scene of a crime some 9 to 13 minutes after the fact. Regardless, police spend most of their time enforcing the agenda of the political class. This is literally using democracy as an excuse to rob, cage, and murder. The people voted and the police are just doing their job.

Privatizing is NOT the Answer, Abolish Policing

There should be competition in the market for protection services, even policing of private property. This is not a conversation about privatizing protection. Policing the public is not protection services for people or property. Policing is looking for criminals actively violating the law. More specifically it can be said that policing is creating criminals. “You’re changing the definition of policing”, cries someone from the back, but it’s not me.

Lysander Spooner on Political Authority Abolish Policing
Lysander Spooner on Political Authority

Who turned “serve and protect” in to abuse and rob? Not I. Law enforcement officers are stalking the streets looking for people in violation of the law. Those who make the accusations, created the laws, hired the enforcers, prosecute the offenders and profit from their enforcement. They protect those enforcers when they violate the citizenry. How much more of a legal and moral conflict of interest does one need?

Policing for profit is a favorite topic of the talking heads, but all policing is for profit. The State will benefit from any policing action. A drunk driver wrecks in to a tree, really only hurting himself and his own property. Police arrest, jail him, cost him thousands in fees and restitution to a legal fiction called “The People”. This is not the same thing as paying for cleanup services or to plant a new tree. It’s simply profiteering on the self-inflicted misery of the foolish and accident prone.

Abolish Policing it’s Not Altruistic

Thinking of policing as altruistic is self-delusional by those who do it, and who are subject to it. It’s falsely based on the notion that laws are good by default. That society benefits by enforcing laws that make people “be good”. That the laws alone by simple fact of their existence, make people “be good”. The police, and policed, think they are good for following the laws. They believe the police to be better still having been entrusted with enforcing them. Never mind that police abuse the people they love at twice the national average.

Give no consideration to the fact they are paid, well, to enforce political and social opinion at gunpoint. Pay no attention to the truth that these laws have no victim, no damages and enforcement benefits police. Take a different example. Steal from a store and police will arrest and charge you with a crime. Be convicted and you’ll pay restitution to the store and The State. But, what if a store steals from you? Try calling your local police to see if they’ll arrest or even ticket someone, they won’t. Your only option is to take the thieves to civil court. Why is theft from a person a civil matter and theft from a store is a crime? There is no fundamental difference, but the role The State plays and how its’ actors benefit.

The War on Police is a Thin Blue Lie

The police would have you think their job is dangerous. They want you to think that there is a war on police. The message is used to bolster their argument to introduce weapons of war on to our streets. It’s used to justify all manner of human rights violations. Being a cop is statistically safer than being a roofer or garbage man. Cop doesn’t even make the top ten.

The police are always afraid for their lives, and rightfully so. They pump each other and the population full of that fear, cultivate it. Law enforcement run around regularly just short of full combat attire with “assault rifles”. Where’s the war?

Police Deaths Down Citizen Deaths WAY Up

Scared, armed pirates initiate contact intending to rob or cage innocent people and escalate when they feel disrespected. It’s a vicious cycle of self fulfilling prophecy. Police deaths on the job are on a decades long decline. Between car accidents and shooting each other, many of those deaths are their own fault.

We have “trained professionals” losing control killing more than 1,000 people every year for the last decade. That doesn’t even begin to account for those killed due to high speed chases. And no matter what you think of those situations and those people, this is America right? Why shouldn’t we afford the accused no less than due process? Speeding, driving recklessly in traffic, not wearing a seatbelt, using their computer/cell phone, these are things we’ve all seen police do. We get fines and jail cells, sometimes dead, they get vacations and donuts.

“More than 5,000 bystanders and passengers have been killed in police car chases since 1979, and tens of thousands more were injured as officers repeatedly pursued drivers at high speeds and in hazardous conditions, often for minor infractions” -USA Today

Whatever Happened to No Victim No Crime?

There is no great benefit to the public from policing. The chance of catching real violators of people and property through policing is slim. Eliminate violators of vice, opinion, and political machinations from the list of crimes and the list gets real small. No victim no crime, every time. We know the result of privateers preying on the population. An expanding police state built on a self-sustaining cycle of imagined violence that creates real violence.

We don’t need law enforcement robbing, caging, and murdering to revenue generate for themselves and their political masters. The American people need reliable, accountable, paid and voluntary first responders who come when called. Abolish Policing, end the practice of creating criminals for the benefit of the political class.