How The State Taught Me To Kill

How The State Taught Me To Kill
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This is the true story of how The State taught me to kill. I am not a cop, nor am I in the military or any other State agency. I’m a father and a geek for computers and for comic book pop-culture. I play video games and I collect toys and I will kill if I must.

I Carry A Gun

I’ve carried a gun every day of my life for decades. My pistol, never more than arm’s reach from me at any time. I battled with The State over my 2nd Amendment Rights for twenty years. I’ve been denied loans, housing, and of course my “Right” to “legally” purchase a firearm because of The State. The State has tried to disarm me. The State has demanded that I turn in my guns. I have never complied, and I still carry a gun every day. The State taught me how to kill but, I was always prepared to.

There have been three occasions when I was threatened with bodily harm. On two of those occasions, the potential assailants were visibly armed. I remained perfectly cool knowing I had “the drop” on these belligerent men exposing their arms. It is without any need to sensationalize these events that I can say I could have killed both these men. Would have. They did not know that I was armed, and they erroneously thought they had the advantage. They ran their mouths and I let them. Luckily for them both, I know the difference between a dangerous man and a braggadocios fool. I myself am the former.

I’m A Very Good Shot

He was raging behind me in his Bronco. The roads were covered in ice in places as the sun had hardly been out that winter morning. In the span of a five-block drive the guy behind me lost his fool mind. I could see him in the mirror just cussing away. I shrugged my shoulders and threw up my hands as if to say, “what do you want me to do?”. After turning the next corner, I pulled to the side of the road and waved him by. He stopped.

I had just dropped my two oldest children off at school. My son was in his car seat behind me as I drove. Time takes a vacation during moments like this. It becomes all sorts of “wibbly, wobbly” and “timey, wimey”. I told you, I’m a geek. He stopped in the middle of the road. He jumped out leaving the door hanging wide open as he made a B-line for my side of the car, with my son right there. I didn’t hesitate and pulled my Bersa Thunder .380. It’s a small, lightweight, pistol and with it, I’m “dead-on-balls accurate”. Total geek!

The Bill of Rights is Dead

I invited the cops up to my closed screen door. There were four of them who came sneaking into my yard, on a dead-end street. I spotted them approaching long before they knew where I was. The video would show the lead cop instantly begin to frame his report. The following image was posted on my door at the time and was, without question, the impetus for their attitude.

No Entry Sign Posted on My Home
No Entry Sign Posted on My Home

After they threatened me, I let them arrest me without a warrant so they wouldn’t kill me, maybe my son too? I was arrested without probable cause, without a warrant, in violation of my rights. The officers would, right in front of me (visible from my holding cell where I sat freezing for hours with no shoes and no blanket), conspire to create a story to have me put in prison for many years. It was truly amazing and scary to realize what I was watching unfold.

I Committed No Crime

I remember every detail of the seven months it took to resolve the case. My family was taken away from me because I refused to allow the police to enter my home without a warrant. They used my son as a weapon and fabricated a charge of child abuse. “It’s child abuse because YOU came to my home and kidnapped me without a warrant?”, I questioned them. They would have kicked in my door, maybe even killed me without a warrant, on the unverified word of the only witness, an unviolated “victim”! But they wouldn’t enter my home without a warrant, even with my young child alone inside? This is where they draw a line?

I remember being violated twice a week for those seven months, forced to comply with a urinalysis at a disgusting half-way house. I was made to report to a P.O. as though I was a convicted criminal. It cost me thousands of dollars, though I was never tried or convicted of a crime. I did not violate a person or their property nor did I endanger my child in any way. There were no drugs or alcohol involved. I was a man with my child who used his legal and natural right to carry a gun and to defend himself.

You’re Itching to Know

I did so without harming anyone. Let me put it another way. An untrained civilian, under a potentially violent attack by a present and advancing assailant, successfully used his firearm to defuse an incident without firing a shot. I never even pointed the gun at anyone. I would have killed him if he had continued to advance, or if he had made any indication he was armed. He backed away fast like a bully does when his victim isn’t easy. He followed up my level-headed decision by lying and sending an entire gang of thugs after me on his behalf.

I was victimized by The State because I refused to be a victim. I made the right decision, to not leave a family fatherless because he crossed the wrong guy. That scumbag and the police ganged up on me to punish me because I knew my rights and was prepared to defend myself. Police seized my camera but, they didn’t produce it for seven months. The D.A. didn’t even know the video existed and of course, the case was dismissed immediately after he saw it.

How The State Taught Me To Kill

This is how I confirmed what I had known for a long time, that the rules have changed. The police do not protect us and the courts offer no justice but, The State maintains a monopoly on protection and justice. Had I called the cops, as they suggest in the video that I maybe should have done, it would have taken them 9-13 minutes to get there to defend me. I had driven blocks away, parked, got my son out of his car seat, gone inside and been comfortable for some time before they came creeping down the road. And they came out because someone had a gun! It’s an unreasonable position.

This is how The State taught me to kill. Had I killed that man, his body would have been right there on the road. His truck would have been running there in the middle of the street. The scene would speak for itself and mine would have been the only tale told that day. Instead, I did the right thing, I hurt no man or damaged his property and I was punished for it. If only I had hollered out, “I Fear For My Life” or, “Stop Resisting” while killing an unarmed man in the street?

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