Vaccination Laws and Our Technocratic Medical Tyranny

Vaccination Laws Based on Fear and Fraud
Vaccination Laws Based on Fear and Fraud

I believe time has caught up with us. The flimsy notion that is democracy flew out the window with the introduction of recent vaccination laws. Any pretense of liberty, our freedom from obligation to The State and legal fictions like “The People” or “Society” died when recent vaccination laws passed. I think the mandatory vaccine issue may prove to be the tipping point. The vaccine topic has rocketed to the forefront of freedom issues in just the last few weeks. As someone who has actively been a part of both the freedom and pro-medical-choice communities for most of the last twenty years, it’s clearly a quickening we’re experiencing. From NY to California, Authoritarian alarmists have moved on the street and on paper to end freedom once and for all.

Vaccination Laws Are Setting A New Precedent

Until now The State has only presumed authority over our body by virtue of jurisdiction over our “illegal” actions. And primarily where it comes to consumption of “illegal” substances. But new laws are aimed at mandatory compliance by everyone. Compliance to invasive medical procedures with questionable value and even greater long-term health implications. I’m not even going to mention the religious ramifications. I find it ridiculous today that we need some excuse, other than “I am my only owner”, to opt out of political intervention in our lives. Even democratic republic government interventions.

This is the promise of a technocratic medical tyranny in a dystopian very near future. A future devoid of a political ally for the individual. This is NOT a partisan issue. So called freedom movement participants fail on this issue nearly as much as the others. This is full on “both sides of the aisle” fear-mongering using a known and successful narrative for dictators. Oh I know, this is “The Great Experiment”! America! Land of the Free… If you mean looking for a handout. America! Home of the Brave… If you mean, bullies and morons in costumes enforcing the immoral and illegal opinions and dictates of the political class at home and abroad.

Vaccination Laws Don’t Apply to Me

Before the “if you don’t like it, leave it” non-sense starts. Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t care who it is. It doesn’t matter who they know. Their job title is meaningless. Their political opinion makes no difference. I won’t salute what flag they fly nor do I care what authority they claim. I will not be, am not, a: slave, child, ward, or prisoner to politicians and their gangster thugs who use democracy as an excuse to rob rape and murder anyone who doesn’t “comply” with their political opinion. Don’t even get me started on theftation and traffic controls on muh-roads!

I don’t owe anyone anything. Not by virtue of my birth. Not by the resulting incidental location on one side or another of some imaginary line drawn on a piece of paper by long dead people. You, the government, my neighbor Mark, my wife, not even my mother. Nobody gets to tell me: who, what, where, when, why, how, to do anything. Especially with my own body. Particularly with my own property. Principally when I have not ACTUALLY harmed anyone else, damaged their property, or defrauded them.

Zero Measles Deaths Why A Vaccination Law?
Zero Measles Deaths Why A Vaccination Law?

That’s it. I cannot state this more clearly. But I can emphasize my point. If there is any chance that a willful action by any individual will result in your death. I fully support your legal and moral right to kill them to prevent it. This is the bottom line of the vaccine issue. Questionable sources provide fake science, mix that with chemical guesswork and then use fear and democracy to dictate that you be injected with it. This alone is unthinkable in a so-called free society. Even a fake one like America. And, please consider the facts. More people die from the Measles vaccine than Measles itself. This is such an undisputable fact that I absolutely refuse to provide the easily looked up data to prove it. I’m not here to convince anyone to vax or not.

It Just Doesn’t Matter What THEY Say About Vaccines

It doesn’t matter if they voted. At best, democracy is 51% dictating to the remaining 49%.

It doesn’t matter if their neighbor agrees or not. If one of them decides they want something of mine, his agreeing doesn’t make it any more legal or moral to take it.

It doesn’t matter what uniform they wear. A costume and title are just excuses the political class and their dim-witted order-followers use to justify violating innocent, non-violent people.

It doesn’t matter what the law is. Any law that punishes a person before they have committed a crime is abhorrent to the very notion of freedom. It should be ignored, and anyone who would try to impose it is subject to a violent and decisive response.

It doesn’t matter if their science says it’s best. I can show you just as much science… and a boat-load more moral and philosophical reasons that “they” are simply full of it.

Vaccination Laws Threaten the Family

For the sake of my family, the only thing that matters is the safety of myself at the end of every day. Do you think they are any different? Do you get it yet? You must comply with their science, and… There need be no real science to support the dictates of the technocrats. They only need adopt science that props up their machinations for total domination of the population. And even if you don’t believe that mandatory vaccination is an attempt to dominate the population, any honest person would admit it’s one hell of a step in that direction. Do we really need to help it along?

Vaccine Laws Require Guns, Lots of Guns
Vaccine Laws Require Guns, Lots of Guns

The issue goes beyond the scope of any other invasion by The State. It crosses political, social, philosophical, religious, and race lines. So now we come to it. As the number of places where you can live freely without medical dictates, not only forced upon you but literally in you, dwindles, what will you do? To be perfectly clear, I’m suggesting that the line is already crossed. The intent is clear by recent actions and decrees. The State will murder you to protect someone from getting measles. Yes, that’s right, murder. That is the underlying fact of every single law ever written. If you do not comply, eventually, you will die.

Time Has Caught Up with Us

With the line already crossed, will you wait for the jack-booted thugs with their weapons of war to knock on your door? It’s too late then. They’re already knocking on doors now. Nobody else can help you at that point. You must do something now. This is the best I have, a voice, a platform, and the hundreds of thousands of people I’m about to share this article with. It’s a start.

I’ve been watching. There are millions of people across the nation right now literally considering when, not if, they will be forced to kill State actors to ensure their own freedom, their life. For now, it’s conjecture, but it won’t be, can’t be long before it becomes a reality. We face a turning point like no other time in American history. Peaceful people can live with each other even when they disagree on every other issue but self-ownership. Mutual recognition of self-ownership is the cornerstone to freedom and peace.

Vaccination Laws are Based on Science Fraud

I know some of you are on the fence about this issue. I get it. Everyone should want to trust science. But I’ve looked. I spent a lot time looking. I’ve read. A lot of time reading. And I’ve studied. You get the point. You don’t have to put in pilot qualifying hours to understand, Vaccine Science is a Fraud. Sorry, Not Sorry but, I always know that I’m speaking with an ignorant person when they start screeching “The Lancet piece is discredited!”, “Wakefield lied!”, “Vaccines don’t cause autism!”, and that tired favorite, “Salk saved the world”. But even if you don’t believe that vaccines are a real danger, a medical tyranny is. It’s time to hop down from the fence and get over here with the people who are fighting for the right to self-ownership. For the right to live free, in liberty, in this world.

Natural Disease Rate Decline and Vaccination Comparison based on WHO Historic Numbers
Natural Disease Rate Decline and Vaccination Comparison based on WHO Historic Numbers

Being united is key. We will not survive this alone. America is a very large place and individuals; even larger pockets of like-minded individuals, cannot successfully resist an armed, panicked, uneducated and unaccountable zombie horde of vaccine damaged statists enforcing vaccination laws.

Change minds today. Voting won’t help. That’s not even my opinion this time, just simple fact. Share this article. I’ve included some links that have many more links to well written, well researched information. Write your own. Share someone else’s article like this one. Keep your eyes right here on the HVY Health Section for more. Do something today.