Inner City Communities has a new champion bringing healthy food choices and neighborhood investment

Healthy Boost Is Bringing Health & Wealth to Inner City Communities

Covid has exposed the unequal health conditions in our inner-city environments, which is largely due to the lack of healthy eating options and Healthy Boost aims to fix this divide.


Healthy Boost Bargain Barn

Healthy Boost is launching a nationwide Supermarket Acquisition campaign converting privately owned supermarkets to Healthy Boost Bargain Barns, the co-operative’s purchasing power will be able to compete in pricing with big box stores like Walmart and Kmart, passing these savings on to inner-city communities. We will keep the regular grocery options while adding on an extra variety of Natural and Organic meats & produce.

Community Benefits:

Access to affordable Natural and Organic Meats and produce
1st-time homeowner down payment grants, they intend to give an eligible community family a Home Down Payment Grant once a year
Community Co-operative Ownership, we will offer ownership shares to the residents of the community the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is located in
Nutritional Education, each location will have a nutritional assistance desk with a licensed nutritionist answering questions and suggesting foods to assist with elements like diabetes and high blood pressure

They will inspire community customer loyalty because if they shop at a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn it benefits their community.

Job Openings:

Live Shopper

Outside Sales Rep

Regional Sales Manager

+ Different Owner programs and opportunities

To find out when they will be bringing a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn to your area and making a 1st-time Homeowners Down Payment Grant Available in your community as well as investment opportunities please follow us on social media.



HEALTHY BOOST is a CERTIFIED PARTNER of America’s leading food distributors and one of the top SBA-backed funding sources in the USA in order to finance supermarket acquisitions nationwide and bring the freshest produce and meats at bargain prices to a supermarket near you.