Massing of the Flag presentation by Long Island Eastern Star Group

Tribute to POW/MIA

Massing of the Flags
(Photo Credit) Simone-Monet Wahls) pictured here Presenter Rosetta Cargin and the Grand Matron for Eastern Star, State of New York; Jane Stuart, Baldwin, New York, Nassau Chapter

Nassau Chapter # 718 Massing of the Flag Night, Was held at Baldwin Masonic Temple on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021, at 7:30 PM, Worthy Matron, Michelle Mitchell, presided. M.W Jane Stuart Grand Matron, Order of Eastern Star, State of New York, R.W Beatriz Garcia, Fraternal Correspondent, and R.W Arianna & R.W Peter Fresco spoke and were given public salutations from members of the chapter. The wonderful program was executed by. Sis. Rosetta Cargin retired Naval officer and member of Nassau Chapter. Sister Rosetta a life member of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association. She was assisted during her presentation by New Nassau Chapter member, Sis. Jennifer Ribbe. There was informative historical information about the United States Flag and all the branches of the Military including a wonderful heartfelt tribute to the POW/MIA [s] Sister Rosetta was then presented with a gift from Nassau Chapter for what has become her annual presentation. If you have not had the chance to see it should come to visit Nassau when the Massing event is held. The chapter collected through sunshine $78 dollars that will be donated to the Grand Chapter Veteran’s Fund.

About the speaker, Rosetta Cargin is a native of Washington DC. At an early age. She relocated to Brooklyn, New York with her family. She attended public schools in Brooklyn and graduated from Canarsie high school. She went on to further her education by earning an associate’s degree in government administration from the borough of Manhattan community college, and later attained a bachelor of arts degree in political science from your college in Queens,

Mrs. Cargin enlisted in us Navy reserves in 1983, as a yeoman performing various administrative duties she retired from the Navy in 2006 at the rank of first-class petty officer concurrent with her Naval career sister Rosetta chose civil service in the public sector working almost 40 years with the federal government in the human resources field.

An active member of the American Legion. As well as a member of the order of the Eastern star since 2017, a dual member with Minnehaha chapter # 227  in the Orange Rockland Westchester district and Nassau chapter # 718 in the Nassau Brooklyn Queens district.