Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


I like to think of myself that I am someone who believes in the good in people, I don’t jump to snap judgments and I typically give people the benefit of the doubt until otherwise proven wrong. Of all the really dumb stuff I have done in my life I have just never really been quick to judge. So I was surprised to learn a few things about myself in the past few years along these lines.

To begin, when I was first exposed to Prince I didn’t like him. He was wearing a purple suit and funny hat and that first impression just did not work for me so I didn’t watch his movies and I didn’t listen to his music. Next – Lady Gaga. UGH! She was wearing bacon, and as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE bacon (weird because purple is my favorite color too), I was just totally turned off by her presence and refused to listen to her music.

Then, about five years ago I saw a video with Prince in it, I’ll post it here in a sec, and his part was at the end, at the point where I was already hooked, drawn in, captivated with the song, and HAD to watch his solo. Well, let me tell you…. Prince was so amazing in that one little solo in a video with a stage full of superstars that I kept backing it up and watching his part over and over and over. In fact, I spent the next three hours googling or You Tube searching Prince songs only to learn, so many years later, that he was one of those most talented artists who ever lived and I wasted 20 years of missing his music because of that first impression. And now he is gone.

About a year later I had plans with a nice lady one night and she wanted to go to her friend’s house and watch a Lady Gaga concert on HBO. As I had committed to spending the evening with her I wasn’t going to just say, “oh no way am I going to spend two plus hours watching this ridiculous concert…” I thought I was going to puke when she explained her plans that night, but, well (and I hope I don’t get fired because I was thinking if I go suffer through it I just might… you know…. later that night….), I couldn’t get out of it and boy am I glad I didn’t! I sat there watching Lady Gaga do her thing, and she might have had a couple of costume changes that made me chuckle, but I don’t really remember because her music was so amazing that I couldn’t remember anything else. I mean seriously I don’t even remember if I got lucky, I just remember waking up the next morning with bacon all over my body still humming Lady Gaga tunes. She just blew me away!! So I was at least glad that I didn’t miss 20 years of Lady Gaga and I sure hope she sticks around for a long time because I really love her now!

But being someone who strives to never be judgmental of others, I really learned an important lesson in these incidents because I missed so much enjoyment from banning their music from my life. And this isn’t about the music or Prince or Lady Gaga. This is about me. About learning a hard lesson that showed how I only hurt myself with that negative reaction to the first impressions. I don’t know what pet peeves any of you may or may not have, but try to remember the old adage, Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover, because the one you may hurt the most is probably going to be yourself.

-Mike Kaufmann

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