‘Bachelorette’: Reality Steve Explains Why Hannah Ann And Becca Kufrin Arrived At La Quinta Resort

Becca Kufrin from Instagram

Bachelorette guru Reality Steve thinks that the media scratch to find stories now that Clare left the show. He noted that some of the stories seem very “vague.” So he went and set the record straight as far as he knows. A lot of speculation arose when Hannah Ann Sluss got spotted at the La Quinta Resort and Club. Plus, reports came out that Becca Kufrin who apparently split from Garrett Yrigoyen is also there.

Bachelorette – Reality Steve claims media just write ‘clickbait’

A lot of articles come out since the Clare Crawley bombshell. When fans heard that Hannah Ann and Becca pitched up, some fans even wondered if Tayshia Adams really took her place. Others surmised that Hannah Ann and Becca were there as standby potentials to replace Taiysha if anything went wrong. We reported that “Becca Kufrin and Hannah Ann Sluss are there as friends.'”  Plus, we noted that they transition the show “into a regular Bachelorette season.'” An E!News source told the outlet that they went there to “lend support.”

Well, it looks like Reality Steve, the Bachelorette guru, thinks way too much news comes out from unnamed sources. On Thursday night, he posted up on Instagram about it. His slide said, “Starting to hear things aren’t quite the way the media is portraying them.” He added that he thinks the narrative gets spun just for “clickbait headlines.”He feels they come over a very vague and deliver nothing specific.

Fans talk about the rumors from media and social media

So many vague rumors run around that some of them even believe the one that ABC canned the show and went with Bachelor in Paradise instead. One fan noted, “They canceled the bachelorette and turned it into Paradise 🤷🏻‍♀️.” Well, that suggestion’s all over Reddit and Twitter. In fact, one fan noted, “someone on twitter saying that there’s going to be 3 bachelorettes (tayshia, hannah Ann and Becca) all picking from the same guys.” But later, Reality Steve took to his Instagram stories to clarify more about it. He also said why Hannah Ann and Becca went to the resort.

The Bachelorette news from Reality Steve said, “Can’t make this any clearer.” The Bachelor in Paradise rumor holds no water at all. Plus, Hannah and Becca went here for “cameos.” He feels that the “weirdness” of the season accounts for that. He noted that ABC takes on “non-normal things.” Certainly, the season seems way from anything normal so far. So, fans love it when Steve dishes stuff because he’s usually very accurate. But, many people still wonder about the truth of Dale Moss and Clare Crawley. They hold onto the rumor that ABC ditched her for being “difficult.”

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Image credit – Reality Steve | Instagram

What do you think about Hannah Ann Sluss and Becca Kufrin at the resort simply for cameos? Are you a bit sorry that the Twitter theories were wrong about three Bachelorette leads? Sound off in the comments below.