Duggar: Anna Duggar Reveals Michelle’s Nickname – Some Fans Never Heard It Before

Anna and Josh Duggar Instagram

Duggar family members who own Instagram accounts often share things with their fans. And, Anna Duggar’s been particularly active lately. She posted up some lovely photos of their expanding family. Mind you, she also shared a post that caused some controversy. Now, she posted a new photo and mentioned what fans think might be a nickname for Michelle that they never heard before.

Duggar family – Anna Duggar’s posts, some controversy, and a lot of love

TV Shows Ace reported that Anna shared a lovely photo of her family on her Instagram. That came on January 13. We noted that with a family of six kids, getting everyone together and in the frame for a good picture must be a bit “tricky.” But, they managed one particularly nice shot and fans loved it. The girls wore matching outfits that many fans wanted for themselves. And, of course, the newest addition, baby Maryella also featured in the photos.

While Duggar fans loved that photo, another one she posted brought controversy to Anna’s Instagram. Like some other members of the family, she shared about the pro-life March for Life in NW Arkansas. Popculture reported that many people slammed her for it. But, as is often the case, many others argued their side of the abortion issues. Actually, the Duggars who posted in the past about the same subject also got the debates going. For some years, now they shared about it. But, after that, Anna went back to sweet pics. And this time, she revealed a nickname.

Michelle’s family nickname?

On Tuesday night, Anna took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself with  Josh, Jim Bob, Michelle, and Maryella. She captioned it with, “We enjoyed a double date with Pops & Lolli this evening!” Anna elaborated, saying, “It means the world to have parents that unconditionally love us and who are there to encourage us along life’s way.” It looks like she really appreciates her in-laws. Anna noted, “The older I get, the more I realize just how much I value and lean on the advice from our parents and the Godly men & women who are a couple decades ahead of us in life.”

At the end, Ana Duggar said, “Thanks Sweetie, Pops & Lolli for such a fun evening — it was great to chat, laugh and have a great night out together! ♥️” Well, fans never heard of the name Lolli before. One said, “You guys look adorable! Where did Lolli come from? I don’t think I have heard that.” Another one asked, “I don’t think i’ve heard that gma nickname before!!!!!:D is it supposed to be like lollipops?! hahaha❤️.” Others also asked about it. But, eventually, most of them got that if Jim Bob’s nickname’s Pops, then Lolli kind of matches that.

What do you think of Anna Duggar calling Michelle by the nickname of Lolli? Did you know that’s a term of endearment in the Duggar family? Sound off in the comments below.