Duggar: Did Josiah Marry Lauren To Satisfy Jim Bob?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Duggar family followers speculated for ages now, that Lauren Duggar seldom looks happy. Plus, fans really don’t adore her as much as the other women in the family. Married since 2018, is she unhappy because Josiah only married her to satisfy his dad, Jim Bob? If so, that might account for a rather isolated-looking Lauren in the Duggar family Christmas photos.

Duggar fans wonder if Lauren and Josiah had an arranged marriage

The Christmas photo showed Lauren looking a bit alone and unhappy. Clearly, she didn’t enjoy herself as much as everyone else, fans think. While she’s not the most popular Duggar, people sometimes worry a bit for her. For a long time now, fans even wondered if Josiah liked women at all. At one stage, rumors spread that Jim Bob sent him to an IBLP program because of his same-gender preferences.

The Duggar clan doesn’t expose everything that goes on, so most of this merely remains speculation. On the surface, the couple looks in a reasonable place, especially since they produced their daughter, Bella. But some fans wonder if they might not split somewhere down the road. Of course, that’s unheard of in the Duggar family. But, Josiah never really cared for the rules like the rest of the boys, THG noted. Possibly, he might just stick with Lauren and follow big brother Josh into cheating with someone else. If their marriage got forced on them, that’s a possibility, fans believe.

Arranged marriage?

The Hollywood Gossip looked into the situation. According to a source who spoke to them recently, the outlet maintains Jim Bob forced them into it. The source, reportedly a previous Duggar employee, told them that problems started when Josiah broke it off with Marjorie. The boys in the Duggar family don’t just “break it off.” Dating and courting become very much a family affair. But, wilful, Josiah bust-up and broke the rules. “Jim Bob and Jim Bob and Michelle … hoped that the relationship would lead him to settle down,” the outlet noted.

The source suggested that Josiah rather liked the normal big world outside of the clan. Jim Bob, unhappy with that, allegedly talked to Lauren’s dad, Dwain Swanson. Supposedly, Jim felt it was time to hitch his son with someone stable, and the deal was done. Allegedly, Jim Bob told Dwain that Josiah’s “nuts; he’s totally nuts,”‘ the source added. The Counting On show presents a couple living in wedded bliss. But, is that just a facade? Arranged marriages, common in Asian and African countries sometimes work out. So, maybe Lauren really settled in.

Could the Christmas photo just show an anomaly? Is Lauren just going with the flow? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.