What is ‘Love Is Blind’ and Will It Return for Season 2?

Nick and Vanessa pic from Instagram

The latest reality television show phenom to hit Netflix, Love is Blind, has fans all a buzz. Described as a dystopian romance contest, Love is Blind is a binge-worthy reality dating experiment based on the following premise. Is love really blind? Contestants of the show dated, sight unseen, in what they called “the pods” in hopes of finding someone to marry. Not lacking in emotional ups and downs, cringeworthy moments, and overall vulnerability, Love is Blind has taken social media by storm following Season 1’s March 5, 2020 “Reunion” episode.

In an interview given to ET, show creator Chris Coelen mentioned that the casting for season one happened in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area. The object was to, “give these people a real shot at making their relationships work for the long term.” The Love is Blind experiment is hosted by 90’s boy bander, Nick Lachey and his wife, television personality, Vanessa Lachey. In 38 days, singles have the potential to experience the whole gamete of a serious, monogamous relationship. The first ten days are formatted similarly to speed dating. The men and women sit in pods, only able to hear each other. While there isn’t a ‘requirement’ to get engaged after ten days, those couples that do went on a retreat to Mexico. Following the romantic vacation, the couples all moved in with their respective partner. Less than a month later, the couples walked down the aisle to make the final decision to marry their fiancé or “never see them again,” as the show narrator said.

Season 1 featured six couples; however, the experiment started with 30 singles according to Coelen. Producers told sources that they did not anticipate the engagement rates of the cast and only had the resources to film six couples in the vacation phase of the experiment. With ten episodes and a tell-all season reunion, Love is Blind, can easily occupy a weekend. No spoilers, but two couples have hidden their marriage for nearly a year and a half after the season wrap in 2018. One couple is still dating, while the remaining three couples are now single.

As of March 11, 2020, sources are unable to concretely verify the production of Love is Blind, Coelen told Oprah Mag that he wants to make 12 seasons of the show. Sources also state that while the first season was set in Atlanta, Georgia, if confirmed, Love is Blind Season Two could take production elsewhere. All of this leaving fans to wonder not only “is love blind,” but will they get to view another round of the experiment?