Equestrian SoftShell Jackets


Horse riding is a fun activity that is enjoyed by many around the world. And while getting started, there are a few things that you need to get in order, such as having the right horse riding attire. One of the most essential horse riding attires is the equestrian jacket, and you might be wondering, how do I choose one? You are in the right place!

There are quite a number of equestrian jackets available, and a good example is the softshell jackets. What are SoftShell Jackets? These are jackets made with softer fabrics; they are breathable and allow easy movement for the riders. The breathable aspect of this jacket ensures that there is no sweat buildup meaning that you will be able to be comfortable during your whole horse riding session.

That said, here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an equestrian soft shell jacket;

  1. Quality

The first thing you want to consider is the quality of the jacket. Given that the softshell jackets have become increasingly popular, chances are also high that there are quite a number of knockoffs. As such, ensure that you buy your jacket from a reputable supplier who sells high-quality softshell jackets.

  1. Fit

Have you ever worn an oversized piece of clothing? Or even a small fitting one? If yes, then you understand how uncomfortable it can get. Therefore, when choosing the equestrian softshell jacket, go for one that fits you perfectly- not too big, not too small. This will ensure that you are comfortable and that you can move around without any difficulties.

  1. Stylish

Horse riders are always known for their style; more reason you need to go for a stylish softshell jacket. Besides being able to enjoy horse riding, you also want to look good while at it. Choose a softshell jacket that suits your personal style accordingly. Consider other features of the softshell jacket, such as a zipper, side pockets, a hood, and so on.

  1. Colors

Another important consideration is the color of the softshell jacket. Again, this will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. There is no limitation as such to the color to go for; however, it would be best to choose a color that you can easily maintain. For example, a navy blue softshell jacket or even a grey one would be easier to maintain compared to the brighter colored jackets such as a peach one or a light blue one.

  1. Cost

Lastly, you want to consider the cost of the jacket. However, while looking at the cost, you want to consider the above-mentioned factors as well. Keep in mind that you will have to part away with more bucks for a high-quality softshell jacket compared to one that is of low quality. You would rather pay much for a high-quality softshell jacket that will serve you much longer than get a cheaper one that you will have to replace after a few months.

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