Give your walls a Unique look with Wall Cladding


With a little creativity and the wide range of stone cladding or brick cladding you could give your house a unique look on both interior and exterior walls. Your exterior walls can be given a unique and outstanding look to increase the general beauty of the house with the addition of wall cladding. It can be incorporated in different ways depending on the owner’s design taste and/or installers expertise.

In most cases, homeowners concentrate on beautifying the interiors (where wall cladding can also be used), often overlook the outside look of their house.

Interior Wall CladdingNatural Stone Cladding

Wall Cladding is often used to beautify entryways and lobbies of hotels and restaurants, so next time you’re out at your favourite bar or restaurant and check out if they have wall cladding… the chances are they do.

What is Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding is a non-loadbearing skin or layer attached to the outside of a home or sometimes interior walls. Wall Cladding Systems are typically made from wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), natural stone, brick, reclaimed brick slips or an increasing range of composite materials. The natural stone cladding is made from natural product and is indistinguishable from a natural stone wall. There are a variety of natural stone effects, some of which can be finished with a mortar joint or left to provide a dry-stone finish.

Wall Cladding – Application

  • The surface must be solid and suitable to hold the weight of the stone wall cladding.
  • The surface must be free from dust & lose particles.
  • If required a waterproofing material should be applied before installing the stone wall cladding.
  • Prepare an adhesive mix according to the manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Apply adhesive to wall area to be covered. Ensure adhesive covers the whole wall where panels are to be placed.
  • Firmly press the stone wall cladding into position.
  • Mitre cut corner pieces if required.
  • Sponge off adhesive residue immediately.
  • Apply one coat of sealer for a deeper colour finish or one coat of finish-primer for a natural finish, if required