Grandpa To The Rescue! Grandpa’s Suit Matches Her Dress At Her Prom


A Californian teenager’s Grandpa stepped in after he learned she didn’t have a date for the high school prom.

Kaylah Bell, 17 a student at Lancaster High School, shared her story Twitter on Sunday, stating, “My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom so he matched me !!”

The Suit

Along with the tweet are sweet photos of the dashing couple in matching styles. While Kaylah looked stunning in a pink, purple and blue outfit & purple cape, her grandpa Alvin aged, 67, dazzled in a blue pinstripe suit, with a pink tie and pocket square.

Alvin Hackett & Kaylah Bell
Kaylah Milan/Twitter


No Prom Date

Kaylah told Yahoo Lifestyle “I was talking to some people, but they all flaked out. It was really hard to find someone to commit to being my prom date.” Kaylah wasn’t at all stressed when she had trouble finding a date in the weeks ahead of the prom because she could count on her suave grandfather.

“My grandpa was the only one that I knew would dress to impress,” she said. “So, I had asked him to take pictures with me.”

“I’m sure he already had a suit in his closet and put it together because he knew what my dress looked like,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “The matching suit and corsage was all his idea.”

Everyone was in Awe

Of course, the two stole the limelight on the night. “Everyone was in awe. People were like, ‘You guys are so cute,’” Bell told Yahoo. “Everyone knows my grandpa is important to me.”

Her tweet also caught attention online when she posted photos on her Twitter account. The tweet has since gone viral, garnering nearly 106,500+ likes.