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Facebook has announced new partnerships it’s forming with HR tech firms to enhance its Jobs on Facebook platform. Employers can easily create job posts and manage applications through their applicant tracking systems.

This lets businesses continue using the hiring tools they already use, and also access the expansive talent pool on Facebook. And applications from job seekers on Facebook will be sent directly to a partner’s tool for a seamless review experience.

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Jobs of Facebook

Facebook said employers can continue using their current hiring tools while accessing its extensive talent pool. Job seekers’ applications on Facebook will be sent directly to the partnered tools so that the experience for both sides is largely seamless.

Jobs on Facebook

The “Jobs on Facebook” platform was launched in 2017, after noticing a highly engaged local audience sharing and interacting with Jobs pages & groups. Does this mean bad news for those who run Job page businesses that rely on social interaction from Facebook users? Not necessarily!

Although Facebook set out to mimic the success of the Jobs pages, they cannot mimic how the audience choose to interact with those pages, particularly the smaller local pages such as Real Jobs Wexford who post local Jobs in Wexford, Ireland.

Typically jobs posts are engaged not by those seeking employment or looking to change their current job but their friends and family who tag and share the job posts. This is what “local” community is about. This community sharing and tagging does not seem to work on a grander “demographic” scale such as province, state or country, it is more localised to towns and cities.

Forcing Job Posts on the Facebook Platform

Facebook has been particularly keen on entering the talent management space.  The company announced partnerships with ADP and Paychex regarding its Workplace enterprise platform in 2018, another example of Facebook attempting to create a seamless experience between its platforms and the offerings of its HR partners.

If you have tried to post a Job on your Facebook page you will be prompted/coerced to create a “Job on Facebook” rather than directly to your page. Clicking “Okay, I agree” brings you to post the Facebook Jobs platform, clicking the small “x” on top right-hand-side posts directly to your page.

Facebook Job Posts
Facebook Job Posts

Employers and tech providers of all types are teaming up to solve a number of issues in having the right candidates apply for jobs. Is Facebook the right platform to address these issues considering Facebook allowed companies to post jobs only men could see!