Photo Restoration Poem


Are you passionate about your work or hobby and have you ever written a poem, a song or verse about what it is you do? As a photo restoration artist, I take great pride in what I do so for a presentation I delivered on Valentine’s day, I included this poem I wrote for the day that was. It is simply titled “Photo Restoration”.

Photo Restoration

A photograph is something to adorn
Handled with love it still gets worn
Fragile as the memories it holds
It fades with time, creases with folds.

In honour of the memory of life’s past
Repairing old photos makes memories last.
A little magic, some passion and skill
A photo restored is such a thrill.

A photo restored is a memory made clear
A memory that reflects a time so dear
Bringing back memories to those who care
Restoring old photos for moments to share.

Passion In What You Do

So what is passion in what you do? It affords people purpose. Without purpose, people drift through life underachieving. Sometimes that sense of under-achievement or can eat at your sense of self-worth. Passion does need not to be about work, it can be about your hobby, a sport, a social undertaking or even about family.

Maybe that is why most entrepreneurs & artists are happy or successful or both…the passion in what they do drives them forward. Even if you are an office worker if you have a passion you will be happy and go on to achieve greater things. I don’t believe no-one sets out to under-achieve, they just got stuck in a rut. If you are stuck… my advice is to find a hobby that you enjoy and are passionate about and build on it. That’s what I did. My hobby was photo restoration and it still is. It’s not “work” if you love what you do!

Photo Restoration
Image Source: Restorapic Photo Restoration