Blockchain: How XcunEt is Disrupting Online Gaming


XcunEt is creating an innovative form of mobile gaming and gambling, which allows its users to play for cryptocurrency in a fun and unique way. People across the globe can play against other real players for XXXX tokens.

The economy of the platform will run on the XXXX token, which allows users to bet their XXXX tokens in fun multi-player action shooter battle gaming arenas. Moreover, users can buy into the regular XcunEt lottery for a chance to win the jackpot.

The games focus on highly entertaining and engaging gameplay, with stunning graphics, smooth animations, satisfying sound effects, and intuitive navigation. XcunEt is operating in a very lucrative market. The global gaming market was estimated to be worth around $135 billion in 2018, and more than $40 billion of that was done on mobile platforms.

XcunEt has some great ideas, and it may become one of the most popular ways for gamers to both play and gamble from their mobile devices.

XcunEt is Tapping into a Huge Market

The advent of affordable mobile technology has opened up doors across a range of industries. While some businesses have a hard time getting their target market to make the jump to smartphones, gamers have taken to mobile platforms in droves.

XcunEt has a good idea of what works in the world of online gaming, and is developing a mobile gaming platform that should be operational in the next 18 months. The IEO is happening soon, which could be a good opportunity for people who want to get in early.

Players can customize their characters’ looks or purchase character upgrades by using the XXXX token on the XcunEt platform.

The gaming network has several functions which will encourage the player to hold and use more XXXX tokens, bringing a fuller gaming experience for the user and contributing to the overall value of the XXXX token.

Let’s take a look at how the XcunEt business model is set-up, and how it could become an extremely popular form of mobile gaming!

The XcunEt Token Model

Gaming Token: The XXXX token is used as a gambling token in the XcunEt gaming network.

By creating a decentralized gaming network with the XXXX token as its currency, XcunEt will disrupt the online gambling industry. The platform is designed to be at the forefront of a new era in online gaming, where the platform acts as a nexus between gamers and cryptocurrency holders.

Players have to deposit XXXX tokens into the wallet address of their gaming app to participate in multiplayer matches. The funds can be used as wagers in multiplayer matches or tournaments, and the winner of each match will win the collected pool of XXXX tokens.

Players can come back into the game instead of selling their XXXX tokens after winning, and this is one of the ways that players are encouraged to continue holding their XXXX tokens in their account after a big win.

XXXX tokens also allow players access to bonus features, special upgrades such as novel weapons and character styles as well as unlock special characters on the platform.

IEO Model

To further development and project expansion, funds will be raised through an IEO.
The funds raised are not for profit, they will be allocated as follows:

Product development: 50%
Marketing: 20%
Exchanges: 10%
Token buyback (and/or token XXXXing): 20%

Token Distribution

Token Distribution is follows:

Community: 45%

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Reserve: 15%
IEO: 15%
Marketing: 10%
Team: 10%
Advisors: 5%

Game Design

Game Flow: The game flow has been designed with user intuition as a guide which brings up the gaming experience revolves around a reward system with clear set goals. Here is the basics of how a new player would enter the platform, and start gaming with XXXX tokens.

XcunEt Lottery

The XcunEt lottery gives players a chance to play a proprietary lottery, and with a jackpot with XXXX tokens. This feature may create a unique gaming ecosystem of its own.


The XcunEt platform will be an interactive arcade-style shooter game, comparable to games like Brawlhalla. Players can invite friends to play, or to wait until an opponent is found.

Shop System

To reward and incentivize players for holding their XXXX tokens, XXXX can be used as a spendable currency which is also a store of value.

Players will be able to spend their XXXX tokens in character customizations, then these tokens will be held in a separate wallet, but cannot be sold.

The players will be able to “sell” their character items to the game to get their spent tokens back. In this way, “buying” character items becomes an investment of XXXX, not an actual sale.


A tier system integrated into the customization panel to encourage players to spend more XXXX, which will assign varying values to different levels of cosmetic customizations, such as tin, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. For example, A player has to spend 20 XXXX tokens to get from tin to bronze, 50 to get from bronze to silver, 100 for gold.

XcunEt is working together with Dutch Game Studio, which is a leader in mobile gaming development. The development of the pilot gaming platform game is underway and is expected to be released by Q1 2021.