US May Be Planning War on Iran


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All of this seems so familiar. Iran is being accused of planning an attack on US interests in the Middle East, and some serious US firepower is being moved into the region. A war on Iran may be coming.

Remember when Iraq under Saddam Hussein was in the same position?

The US war machine was in motion, with the highest levels of the Bush Jr. White House pounding the drums of war. The pretense they used was absurd, and the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that Saddam was supposed to have never turned up.

The Theater of War on Iran

Over the last 48 hours, it has come to light that Saudi oil tankers were attacked off the coast of the UAE, and the Saudis claim that substantial damage was done.

The previous week saw warnings of an imminent attack by Iran in the Middle East by US national security adviser John Bolton. Now that a few tankers have been attacked by unknown bad actors, it looks like the B-52 bomber squadron that was moved into the UAE last week might be getting some use.

The US is also considering the relocation of 120,000 troops to the Middle East so the US can respond in the event that Iran, “attack(s) American forces or accelerate(s) work on nuclear weapons.”

Outside of the anonymous US claim that the, “initial assessment is that Iranian or Iranian-backed proxies,” were responsible for the attack on the Saudi tankers, there is zero evidence that Iran has done anything.

Not that a lack of evidence has stopped the US from starting a war in the past.

War on Iran Will be a Living Nightmare

There may be a plot to destabilize the Middle East in motion. It is highly suspicious that Saudi assets were attacked shortly after the US made multiple public warnings about an Iranian plot to do harm in the Gulf.

If this is Iraq 2.0 (or 3.0 if you count Bush Sr.), and the US is gearing up for an all-out assault on Iran, the consequences will be dire. Not only will the global oil market spin out of control, but the fragile geopolitical balance is also likely to be torn apart at the seams.

President Trump has no idea what kind of terror will emerge from an Iranian conflict, but he seems more than willing to follow dark forces in Washington D.C. to a horrific end.