Was There a Chinese Spy at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort?


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It seems like US President Trump’s Florida Mar-A-Lago is becoming a hot-bed for international intrigue.

A Chinese woman was recently taken into custody after entering Mar-A-Lago after checking into the resort. According to media, four phones, two passports, and a pen drive loaded with malware were in her possession.

The Mar-A-Lago resort is one of Trump’s favorite places to do business. He also takes time to golf and throws parties in the resort. Event organizers have found that hosting events at Mar-A-Lago is a great way to attract people who want to meet Trump or is inner circle.

Meet Up at Mar-A-Lago

Another Chinese woman has been mentioned in connection with the ongoing investigation into what was happening at Mar-A-Lago.

Yujing Zhang is the name of the woman who has been detained by US authorities. She is being linked to Li “Cindy” Yang, as she reportedly told Mar-A-Lago staff she was there to attend an event organized by the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association (a for-profit group which has no official standing with the UN).

The event had been canceled, but the woman who helped promote it has an interesting history

Yang is a resident of South Florida and owns a network of spas in the area. One of these spas was recently the subject of a high-end prostitution sting that nailed New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

None of this seems to have impacted the ability of Yang to schmooze with Trump and his inner circle. She is in possession of photos that put her cheek-to-cheek with Trump, and she also has numerous photos of herself at official events in Mar-A-Lago.

Security Concerns Abound

It should be clear that Mar-A-Lago is a whole lot more than a golf course and resort.

According to the US Secret Service, Mar-A-Lago controls who gets to come to the property. Some view this as dangerous, as the Mar-A-Lago management simply doesn’t have the depth of intelligence information that the Secret Service is given.

Michael Fuchs, who was s deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs in the Obama administration, and is currently a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress told the Miami Herald that :

This does not strike me as a highly sophisticated attempt…Nevertheless, it goes to show just how vulnerable Mar-a-Lago and the president’s business interests make him. And it raises a concerning question: How many others may have gotten in without getting caught?

A Billionaire’s Playground

There is very little about the Trump presidency, other than the fact that he sometimes lives in the White House.

Given the abnormal nature of his administration, it should come as no surprise that a possible Chinese spy came to an event promoted by another Chinese woman who owns rub-down huts at a resort owned by the president.

One wonders if there will be a happy ending