Got it on Groupon: A Gift-Giving Gold Mine

I'll cheers to that idea!


We’ve all been on the gift-giving and receiving end of a last minute, craptastic gift. I’ve procrastinated to the point of running into a CVS 15 minutes before a birthday party, scouring the seasonal aisle and eventually settling on a turtle-shaped chia pet. This person didn’t have a single plant in their apartment and I don’t think they had a particular fondness for turtles, but it was the only thing I could find that felt somewhat gift-worthy. On the flip side, I’ve also opened gifts and felt the immediate guilt for saying how much I love it while honestly hoping the return receipt was included.

Plus, how much stuff do we really need? I won’t go into a full-fledged rant on materialism and how we surround ourselves with things. But go to any birthday party, baby shower, or other gatherings where people traditionally bring gifts and you’ll most likely see mountain of neatly wrapped boxes or bags stuffed with colorful tissue paper. It’s for this reason I love Groupon.

Groupon has been my go-to source for gifting-giving experiences rather than things. Sure, gift cards are great, but over $1 billion in gift cards go unused every year. Plus, gift cards lead to the same result: more things. 

Gifts galore!

You can give…and receive​

You may be thinking that if people can’t put in the meager amount of effort of using a gift card, why would they put in 10X more effort into using a Groupon.? My solution: Find a deal that I can be included in. It may be a little sneaky that I’m getting in on the gift-giving, but I think this is a total win-win solution: I’m able to share the experience with the person I gifted the Groupon and, since it’s my moolah invested in the Groupon, I’m highly motivated to ensure the Groupon is redeemed. While they say it’s better to give than receive, why not do both?

Need some ideas?

I live in San Diego, so finding a Groupon experience that will satisfy everyone’s interests is pretty easy. Feeling creative? Check out Paint Night or Plant Night! Feeling adventurous? Go skydiving or take a jet boat for a ride. Feeling hungry? Dine out at a local bistro or try out new local eatery. And my personal favorite: Feeling thirsty? Bond over beers at a brewery or take a trip to sip at an urban winery.  

I’ll cheers to that idea!

How to Gift your Groupon

After purchasing the Groupon, I usually present it in one of three ways. I’m pretty crafty, so I usually print out the Groupon voucher and tuck it in a homemade card. If I want to make the presentation extra special, I’ll take a trip to Dollar Tree and buy a picture frame and present it with the Groupon. During the experience, I’ll snap a couple of pictures, print them out at home or at a Kodak Kiosk and put it in the picture frame. If I’m pressed for time, the easiest way to share a Groupon is to gift it via email. You can write a personalized note to go along with it.  

Get creative with it!

Chronic procrastinator? Habitual forgetfulness? No worries!

The possibilities (and experiences) are endless! Whether it’s due to laziness, busyness or forgetfulness, next time you find yourself in a time crunch to give that perfect gift, do yourself a favor and get it on Groupon. Don’t forget; Father’s Day is less than a month away!