‘Frozen 2’, the sequel of the hit Disney musical, will hit the screens this winter

Frozen 2 in theatres November 2019. [Image via Disney Frozen 2 Twitter]

‘Frozen 2,‘ the long-awaited sequel to Disney’s hit musical is set to hit theatres in winter 2019. Disney had released the first rushes of the film in February 2019. However, there was not much in it to gauge the theme of the sequel. However, it did reveal that the film had a deeper undercurrent of pathos than the first and Elsa and her team was readying for an epic battle with the dark forces.

Fresh songs and a new plot

“Frozen 2” is directed by the same director duo of Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee who had directed the original. Lee has written the script in association with Allison Schroeder. The film also features new and original songs penned by script Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

All characters to remain unchanged

While all the major characters including Idina Menzel as ice-shifting princess Elsa, her sister Anna with the voice of Kristen Bell, Kristoff as the iceman, Jonathan Groff as the mind hunter and snowman Olaf played by Josh Gad will return, Disney has not spilled any details about the plot or the storyline. It will see Elsa team up with her sister Anna to fight the dark forces along with new friends Olaf and Kristoff.

The latest trailer released by Disney hints that the storyline of Frozen 2 will be darker and there will be more action as compared to the original. The new trailer which also shows underwater horses reveal how Elsa and Anna are preparing to unravel their past and get ready to take on the dark forces, in the North beyond the curtain of mist waiting to ambush their preys.

“Frozen” released in 2013 was a massive hit and earned a whopping $1.276 billion worldwide. The animated flick becomes the biggest hit for an animated film and was placed 13 in the list of the highest grossing film of all times. It also led to the production of numerous short films and even video games and theatrical adaptation.