Sherif Lanre booted out of Love Island Villa for breaking rules


“Love Island” 2019 is only a week old, and things are moving at a blinding pace. First, we had a first coupling which was packed with drama followed by a mini re-coupling which saw Tommy Fury snatch Lucie Donlan from Joe Garratt and Danny Williams becoming the latest cast member to enter the villa on June 9.

Sherif Lanre out from Love Island Villa

The hottest news is, however, the unceremonious exit of London-based chef and rugby player Sherif Lanre from Love Island Villa. Sherif was coupled with Anna Vakili, and he has agreed with the organizers of the Love Island to leave the show. As of now the only update available is that Sherif 20 has broken the rules of the villa.
However, there is no information on what these rules are or which rules the Rugby player has broken. A stringent set of regulations binds contestants before they enter the villa. , and it includes no nudity, a ban on masturbation and the practice of safe sex.

Sherif blames his poor judgment for his exit

The incident is a repeat of the only other contestant to be booted off Love Island villa ever. We are talking about Malia Arkian who was shown the door for her unruly behavior and physical altercation with fellow contestant Kady McDermott way back in 2016. It was Malia’s first day on the villa. Sherif Lanre left the show after nine days for what he described as his own “poor judgment.”

He described himself as sassy, positive, and pretty gaudy during his first introduction to viewers. However, he erred and blamed his immaturity for it as he was only 20. However, he said that he thoroughly enjoyed his brief stay at the villa.

The date of the next re-coupling is confidential, but we can make a calculated guess that it will be on June 11. Every time a mini re-coupling always follows a new arrival to the villa. In all probability, Danny Williams will get to choose who he wants to couple with on Tuesday’s show.