Coinbillboard: The Unfiltered Crypto Market Cap And Rankings Website

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Cryptocurrency rankings, ratings, and market position websites have become almost as ubiquitous as exchanges and, dare I say it, crypto projects themselves. The recently released tops them all.

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Coinbillboard – Crypto Rankings Unfiltered

Coinbillboard has been code-audited to show that its figures and statistics are accurately and appropriately drawn from genuine data. This level of transparency is something many in the crypto community feel has been missing.

Other popular price & market data sites have historically filtered out data that looks anomalous and strange. Coinbillboard snapshots the market as it is, unfiltered, revealing, for example, the astonishing persistence of pump and dump schemes, in real time, in all their glory. Unfiltered is Coinbillboard’s mantra, just as competitor sites prefer to hide unusual trading patterns.

Some also have a habit of making unannounced removals of data feeds, which, while potentially well-meaning and serving a valid service, can have a distortionary effect on the market. Information sites are only as good as the data they collect and present, and on that front, unfiltered data should be preserved at all costs. Here is where Coinbillboard stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Losers And Gainers

Coinbillboard also has a Losers and Gainers video, hosted by influential #cryptotwitter identity @southtopia. The lighthearted and entertaining information videos are part of Coinbillboard’s efforts to bring transparency to an unregulated and often unruly industry. (Hint: you won’t believe some of the real 24-hour winners and losers Coinbillboard’s unfiltered algorithms detect).

In an industry that needs a maturing set of players that track movements, events, and news, Coinbillboard is a welcome addition to a swelling lineup of coin tracker sites. With a surge in usage since its October 2018 launch (albeit one that has since been tempered by the prolonged crypto winter), Coinbillboard looks set to become a mainstay among the top tracking sites.


Its elegant interface and dynamic features such as its running news feed, Coinbillboard has quickly become not only the most trusted source of crypto prices but also promises a broader array of features as it grows.

Hats off to the folks behind Coinbillboard, whose aim is clearly to bring integrity and transparency to the coin price tracking sub-segment, and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

With the current goings-on regarding Bitcoin SV and its war on, well, everybody, it is pleasing to see a news and information service stand above the noise and provide true and unfiltered information to the crypto community.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Coinbillboard