Crypto Kev Slams Craig Wright

Craig Wright not an orchid or Crypto Kev

Crypto Kev has slammed Craig Wright in his latest episode, a vitriolic mouthful of abuse against many in the cryptosphere have come to despise.

Craig Wright Is A Fraught-With-Danger Figure

Craig Wright has been threatening libel and defamation suits against Twitter users who have labeled him a fraud in relation to his claims of being the creator – or one of the team of creators – of bitcoin. That identity is widely known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The UK is considered libel friendly, with the burden of proof on the defendant to prove their claims are truthful. Wright and his counterparts have gloated the impossibility of proving a negative, and have sought out prominent crypto identities to create an example effect.

Ayre is correct, of course. It is nigh on impossible to prove a negative. However, the backlash against Wright’s legal crusade has come at a significant cost to the SV legion. Binance and Shapeshift have both delisted Bitcoin SV, and the Winklevii have proudly tweeted they never listed them in the first place.

The UK’s libel laws have given rise to the phenomenon of ‘libel tourism’ – suing for defamation in the jurisdiction because of the burdens it places on defendants. The UK’s laws have softened of late to allow for more freedom of speech, but are still open to abuse by those seeking to silence critics.

And Then There’s Crypto Kev

Crypto Kev is a colorful and popular crypto Youtube identity and has lashed out at Craig Wright for the lawsuits, calling the lawsuits “an act of wrongth”. The authorative figure on crypto industry news and updates has joined the chorus of those in the community who believe it would be better off without Craig Wright’s toxic behavior.

Which is not to say Twitter can be always pleasant. But filing defamation lawsuits with the quoted aim of “bankrupting” someone, merely to prove a point and create an example, is a chilling act of censorship. If crypto represents anything, it is censorship resistance and the individual right to control their own destiny and voice their opinions. The very spirit of crypto is being defiled by the actions of the Wright camp… in this author’s opinion.

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