The TokenPay vs. Favorite Punching Bag Roger Ver Stoush of Mid-2018 Remains Crypto Twitter’s Most Unedifying

Roger Ver gets a serve on Twitter

Crypto Twitter erupts on a fairly regular basis. The most unedifying occurred last August between TokenPay and Bitcoin cash’s Roger Ver after the latter posted a presentation of the merits of Bitcoin cash on YouTube.

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TokenPay Claims Superiority Over Bitcoin as Consumer and Merchant Solution

Having purchased an almost ten percent share in German bank, WEG Bank AG, TokenPay–based on bitcoin’s codebase–has labeled itself “Bitcoin on steroids”, boasting two-second transaction speeds and anonymity features:

That tweet was in response to a YouTube video posted by Roger Ver claiming that Bitcoin cash adhered more faithfully than bitcoin to the “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” ideal:

Among all the characteristics Ver sees as being important in measuring how faithful a coin is to Satoshi’s original whitepaper–what Ver labels “Things that make bitcoin bitcoin”–he grades Bitcoin cash at 68 percent and bitcoin only 32 percent.

TokenPay Takes Aim at Both, With Deference for One and Derision of the Other

TokenPay’s branding highlights security and speed and the project is clearly intent on bringing cryptocurrency use mainstream. The company argues that if bitcoin is unsuitable for day-to-day transactions, then Bitcoin cash–“fake Bitcoin” in their words–is, by definition, even less so:

TokenPay’s breadth of merchant partnerships–ranging from cannabis stores, escort services, VPS hosting sites, and mixology workshops–as well as its strategic alliances with Litecoin and WEG–indicates the company’s intention to fast-track the widespread adoption of crypto and its integration with real-world financial transactions.

Yet its propensity to harass competitors on Twitter betrays a rather dark underbelly. Inane social media trolling is unbecoming of the mature, blockchain-based financial ecosystem TokenPay desperately wants to be the vanguard of. And Roger Ver is too easy a target.

Roger Ver Sneezes… Crypto Twitter Erupts… Public Yawns

TokenPay’s public stoush with Ver may well have inadvertently explored some important questions facing the cryptocurrency industry, but the unenlightened trolling of the latter has fast become a popular sport. Crypto Twitter erupts whenever Bitcoin cash’s creator breathes.

Ver is far from TokenPay’s sole target. From NEO, Ripple, bitcoin, to ERC20 “vaporware” tokens, as it calls them, the company appears to be engaged in social media warfare even some supporters find distasteful:

To the last tweet–the sender of whom they blocked–they responded:

They even managed to take issue with Bitsonline’s article covering the Crypto Adoption debate, arguing that John McAfee’s concession that Derek Capo was right about the need for fiat was omitted:

In fact, the tweet they latched onto was factually inaccurate. The conversation piece to which they refer occurred at around 1:09:00, not 1:05:00, and in it McAfee is actually humoring Capo at best, patronizing him at worst.

It may be that the core TokenPay team have lost control of their social media managers’ manners. Perhaps it’s time for more common decency and less mindless aggression. In the mystifying English of one TokenPay “admin”:

Comparative ads, banned by law until recently in many jurisdictions, should, according to the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (NAD) in the U.S., “be held to the highest level of scrutiny in order to ensure that they are truthful, accurate, and narrowly drawn.”

TokenPay’s own website states that:

“… one of the fundamental values that drives us is to remember to be humble and stay cognizant of the fact that our roots, family and life experiences shape who we are today.”

Perhaps humility doesn’t rank on Twitter as well as aggressive, adversarial public relations and the boorish art of Ver bashing.