The Sexiest Woman Alive Shares This Struggle with 75% of Americans


By HVY Journalists: More than 75% of Americans have trouble sleeping, and it turns out they’re in good company. Olivia Culpo, Maxim’s Sexiest Woman Alive, revealed that even former Miss Universes struggle with waking up on time.

Steadily building her social following, the model lately looks like this, according to Instagram.

Actress-Model Olivia Culpo Can’t Seem To Get Up In Morning

According to Yahoo, Culpo has four siblings. She runs a restaurant in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

The model has starred in some films, like this one called ‘Reprisal’ alongside Bruce Willis.

But she has trouble making it to the film set on time, especially when she’s scheduled for an early shoot. That’s why she sets multiple alarms in a row, according to a tweet.

Olivia Culpo Has Trouble Getting Up In the Morning, Do You?
Olivia Culpo sets multiple alarms so she doesn’t miss her wake-up time. Source: Twitter

Hey Olivia, There’s An App For That!

There are other ways to go about this, such as setting more annoying alarms. The Alarmy app, which you can find at Google Play, is one of the most annoying apps out there. You can set it to make you do math problems which are just hard enough to ensure that you’ll have to wake up to make the thing shut up.

The sometime actress, sometimes beauty queen is not the only celebrity who struggles to get up early or has a severe sleep disorder.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly sleepwalks, for example, while Jimmy Kimmel suffers from narcolepsy.

olivia culpo, sexiest woman alive, miss universe
Like Olivia Culpo, 75% of Americans struggle with sleep problems. | Source: Shutterstock

Over 75% of all regular Americans have some problem with a sleep disorder. Many people work through it without significant medication, but the market for sleep aids is vast. The number of prescription offerings available has increased, as well. Everyone acknowledges that sleep is a problem, and now everyone has a solution.

We all know that more sleep is better, so some have suggested letting school kids go to school later. Let them sleep in longer, and get a better education as a result.

Experts overwhelmingly agree that more sleep leads to a healthier life. It’s not just how much you sleep, though, but also how you sleep.

Experts recommend that you lay flat on your back with your arms at your sides when sleeping if possible. This is considered the best possible sleeping position for your spine health and your neck.

Whatever you do, the key to getting a good night’s rest is getting to bed at a reasonable time. This means prioritizing the things you need to get done to go to bed, and then just going to bed. If you have kids, if you’re doing it right, you should be able to go to bed shortly after they do.