National School Choice Week


What is National School Choice Week?

National School Choice Week (NSCW) was founded in 2011 to promote all forms of K-12 education choices. It’s held the last week in January, from January 26 – February 1.

School choice is the process in which parents with children in grades K-12 choose the best educational options for their children.

Gone are the days where parents only have the option of their school district for their child’s education.

Parents can now choose the school of their choice for their children. Whether it’s a traditional public school, public charter school, private school, homeschooling group, etc., the choice is up to the parent and their child’s needs.

In the state of Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey has issued an official proclamation of recognizing Arizona School Choice Week from January 26 – February 1, 2020.

During this week, schools, homeschooling groups, organizations and individuals plan events to raise awareness of the different K-12 options available to children and families.

According to the school choice week’s website, parents use NSCW as an opportunity to search for the best learning environment for their children.

NSCW celebrates all types of K-12 options and does not prefer once type of education over the other. They just want parents to make the best educational choice for their children.

Why do we need school choice?

For many parents, there aren’t options for great schools in their neighborhoods. Some parents would go through great lengths to get their children into the school of their choice.

Take Tanya McDowell for example, the Bridgeport, CT mom who was charged with first-degree larceny for enrolling her five-year-old son into a neighboring school in 2011.

This is an extreme case, but it does show the sacrifice a parent is willing to do to make sure her child receives the best education.

The benefit of school choice is to avoid the situations mentioned above and gives the parents the power to make choices for their children, based on their needs, interests and learning styles.

It also encourages competition among other schools in the area, which results in raising the standards to quality education.

How can you get involved?

Anyone can plan an NSCW event, meeting or activity. Events are all planned independently by schools, homeschooling groups, organizations or individuals around the country and there is no fee or any licensing requirements to host an event.

If you want to know more about National School Choice Week or want to see if an event is hosted in your state, please check the link below.

Check out some events throughout Arizona for National School Choice Week (photos courtesy of National School Choice Week Website):