10 Top Horror Novels You’ve NEVER Read, Guaranteed


It’s surprising just how much literature actually is out there. Really. We’re guessing that there might be at least a dozen books per person in the entire world, and we’re of course specifically talking about the horror genre itself, so that should tell you something. And everyone knows that horror novels don’t necessarily have to be bestsellers, so you can understand this one important point:

You’re Guaranteed to Find so Many GOOD Horror Novels Out There You’ve Absolutely NOT Have Ever Heard About

The bestsellers and star authors (we’re looking at you, Stephen King) permeate us so much that we don’t hear about or even see some of the other authors and perhaps some lesser known books not receiving nearly as much marketing clout as others, and that’s a shame. Because there are great books out there — and they don’t get read largely because there are already so many other good books to read already.
Thankfully, this list from SCARY HORROR STUFF will solve that problem (at least for the time being). Here are the top 10 horror books you’ve probably never read (but you should), and click on each for a detailed description. Some of the authors, you might actually know:
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