At least 73 passengers killed in Pakistan train fire, toll could rise

Tragedy struck Pakistan as at least 73 passengers died in a fire that engulfed three compartments of a popular train, which plies between Karachi and Rawalpindi.


A fire in a passenger train in Pakistan left at least 73 passengers dead. Many people were roasted alive while some more died when they tried to jump out of the train to escape. The train on the Karachi to Rawalpindi route was one of Pakistan’s busiest and most popular ones. Tragedy struck as it was passing through Punjab province and approaching the town of Liaquatpur. It seems the cause of fire was a cooking gas cylinder. It exploded and the fire spread across at least three compartments. Officials expect the death toll to increase because there are at least 40 more people injured. Some of them are in critical condition. Moreover, the physical condition of the burnt bodies are posing a major hurdle for identification. They might require DNA analysis to establish their identities. Firefighters were on the scene and had to struggle to get it under control.

How the fire stared

In the opinion of Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Pakistan’s railways minister, the source of fire was a gas stove. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan was “deeply saddened by the terrible tragedy” and ordered an inquiry. A group of passengers tried to prepare breakfast in the moving train. That was a breach of regulations. In the process, two of the stoves blew up. Read on to know how to avoid such fires. Of course, some survivors believed the fire started from a short circuit on the train. Detailed investigation will be necessary to establish the cause of fire in train in Pakistan. The country has witnessed accidents on its overcrowded trains but this one was the worst in more than a decade. Rescue teams have shifted injured persons to nearby hospitals.

Avoid fire in trains

Those who travel by train must be careful with what they carry with them. This is especially true for items that could be possible sources of fire. These are inflammable and could be liquids like kerosene or petrol or gaseous substances. People on the move love hot food items but keeping safety aspects in mind, one has to check the urge.

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