Australia seized 1.6 tons of meth concealed in stereo speakers

Australian Border Force in action. [Image source/YouTube video]

Australian crime busters seized a huge haul of methamphetamine or meth. CNN says the amount of seizure was 1.6 tons. Australian Border Force (ABF) officials discovered the illegal shipment in time and prevented its entry in the market. It is interesting to know just how they went about their job to hoodwink the law. Believe it or not, the drug traffickers had taken lots of pain to conceal the consignment. They hid them in a shipment of stereo speakers from Thailand. However, the ABF discovered the contraband. It came about when they X-rayed the boxes of speakers and noticed anomalies. The shipment had arrived at Melbourne. The amount of drug seized would add up to nearly 16 million drug deals. The authorities reveal that this is the largest meth bust ever in Australia. They are investigating and have not made any arrests. However, they are determined to apprehend the guilty.

Australian authorities make the largest onshore meth bust in the country’s history. [Image source/YouTube video]

It is a high value haul

The estimated street value of the seized meth would be $1.2 billion Australian dollars. Along with meth, there was 37 kilograms of heroin. These were in vacuumed-sealed packages inside the speakers. According to ABF, detecting and seizing illegal drugs is a regular feature of their activities. Last financial year they had made 43,000 detections of illicit drugs. The total weight was more than 11.8 tons.

Melbourne – Port of Melbourne and City Australia. [Image source/YouTube video]

Ill effects of drugs

When such illegal drugs enter the market, they cause harm to society. Meth can be euphoric and make the person feel powerful. Moreover, in some cases, it blunts or blocks out painful emotions. The drug peddlers usually target the young and the restless. They could be your near and dear ones. The result would invariably not be happy for the family. The addicts might fall into serious health issues. In January, America confiscated almost a billion dollars’ worth of methamphetamine headed for Australia. In that case also, the drugs were concealed inside electronic equipment.

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