Ban fossil fuels, reduce global warming


The Sun is the source of heat for planet Earth that has chunks of ice at its poles. However, apart from the Sun, there are other factors responsible to add to the existing temperature of the surroundings.  One of these is the heat generated by devices like motor vehicles, generators and furnaces that run on fossil fuels. They generate carbon dioxide and create the greenhouse gas effect. It has been going on for ages and people have gradually realized that global warming has disturbed the rhythm of life. We must act fast to reduce global warming.

Fossil Fuels and Global Warming: How are They Related?

Global warming is the hottest topic

Rivers dry up due to rise in temperatures. Similar is the case with other sources of water like ponds and wells. Since water is necessary for survival, its shortage disturbs normal lives. Many areas face drought situations forcing people to arrange for the precious commodity or go thirsty. What are the results of global warming?

Fear of forest fires

First is the fear of forest fires. In case of a climatic disturbance like a hurricane, there could be forest fires because of the high-speed winds. When these couple with dry trees and undergrowth, it becomes a recipe for disaster. It devastates the greenery, and ousts man and animals from their habitats. It also destroys infrastructure that takes a long time to recover.

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Forest Fire! [Image source/Screenshot YouTube video]

Fear of floods and mudslides

Then is the fear of floods and mudslides from climatic disorders like hurricanes. These are usually accompanied by strong winds, floods and mudslides. This is because of lack of trees that bind the soil. Once again, people lose their lives and homes.

Landslides triggered by Hurricane Maria

Nature’s Fury | Landslides. [Image source/Screenshot YouTube video]

Fear of sea level rise

The third is sea level rise, which is more serious. It happens due to melting of glaciers and ice caps from the poles. Those living in coastal areas are affected and many regions have already perished. Since most of the major cities are along the seacoast, they must draw up contingency plans.

Sea level rise, explained

Sea level rise: Miami and Atlantic city fight to stay above water. [Image source/Screenshot YouTube video]

Alternative to fossil fuel

Electric car. [Image source/Screenshot YouTube video]
Once we decide to ban fossil fuels, we must go in for an alternative. The best option to do this is to embrace renewable energy like electric cars. They will make for a clean environment. The demand for such cars is on the rise and this could prove to be a viable alternative.

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