Burger King says Christmas travelers in America will get a free burger in case of flight delay

There can be delays in air travel due to many reasons and a fast food chain assures that delayed passengers in the US would get a free burger during this Christmas.


Air travel is today the accepted mode of travel and delays upset many plans. A fast food chain says delayed passengers would get a free burger during this Christmas in America. That will add charm to the travel and make traveling a bit easier in the festive season. Delays are unavoidable in case of bad weather or computer glitches or technical issues. The airline and airport authorities try to ease the tension of passengers. Hence, this gesture of Burger King would be welcome. The offer is for a free Impossible Burger, the vegan alternative to the Whopper. Its normal cost is $5.99, and it entered the chain in April. It has already met with rave reviews. The food chain says passengers who face a delay from any American airport can get the free snack from any Burger King in the country, except from airport chains.

Delays during Christmas and New Year are normal

On a rough estimate, there will be more than 47.5 million people flying across the US in the festive season. Obviously, there could be delays. Statistics reveal that last year witnessed delays on more than 7,000 flights. Therefore, Burger King has come up with this unique idea for delayed passengers to get a free burger. It is a fantastic way to maintain good relations with existing customers and simultaneously woo new ones.

How to get the freebie

The person who wants to avail of the offer must download the BK app. Then he must enter the relevant flight number along with the delay in order to claim the free Impossible Whopper. He must be physically present at the airport when logging in the flight details. On confirmation of the details, he will get a coupon to redeem the freebie. It will be valid until January 6 next year.

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