Can the sci-fi movie Avengers: Endgame really break records


There is always an audience for sci-fi movies. First of all, such films transport the viewer into a world of fantasy and make believe. They love it. “Avengers: Endgame” is one such offering from MCU. It is competing with “Avatar” to set box office records. According to a report, Endgame has so far taken in $2.34 billion. Against this, “Avatar” ended its run with $2.78 billion. Therefore, it is possible Endgame could close the gap. Its story is set in the future and there is plenty of high quality animation. These keep the viewer on the edge because they narrate a perennial story. It is that of a fight between good and evil. Here, the good are the Avengers and the evil is Thanos. The Avengers include Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner. The evil is demigod Thanos who decimated the planet and the universe.

Expectations are high

“Avengers: Endgame” is the concluding part of the Infinity Saga. Incidentally, it could become the highest-grossing movie in the history of cinema. The current record holder is “Avatar.” This was an offering of James Cameron and it released during Christmas. Obviously, it reaped the benefits of the festive season. Unfortunately, Endgame did not have that advantage. In fact, it had to compete with other Disney films in the field but it appears to be closing in on “Avatar.”

The domestic market

“Detective Pikachu” is a Pokemon live-action movie starring Ryan Reynolds. It made its debut in the domestic market (North America) with an estimated $20.7 million which was considerably more than “Endgame” which managed $16.06 million. That is a matter of worry.

The predictions

The total earnings of “Avengers: Endgame” in North America is $676.50 million. This makes it the fifth highest-grossing movie ever in the domestic market. However, it is far from comfortable because there are others ahead of it. These are “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Avatar,” “Black Panther,” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” Those in the know predict that “Endgame” could beat “Avatar.” It would find it difficult to overhaul the earnings of “The Force Awakens” because that was at $936.66 million.

Avengers Endgame worldwide box office collection: Will this Marvel movie beat Avatar?

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