Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign: he feels Democrats would “destroy” the country

Donald Trump launches his 2020 campaign with much fanfare but does not elaborate on his plans for next term.


US President Donald Trump launched his formal campaign for re-election. He did it from Florida in the presence of a packed 20,000-person arena. On the occasion, he had first lady Melania Trump beside him. Also present were his children, Mike Pence and several of his top campaign advisers. His method was unlike others. Normally, at such a forum, a leader should focus on his achievements. After that, he should provide a glimpse into his plans. However, Trump chose to be different. The president harped on the policies of the previous regime. He said Democrats would “destroy” the country and painted them as “hateful socialist.” One of the points on his agenda was illegal immigration and mass deportation. He felt a permanent border wall between Mexico and the US would check unwanted entries. During his 2016 campaign, he promised to build a wall. It is still not complete.

President Donald Trump arrives at Orlando airport. [Image source/YouTube video]

Trump’s line of action

 Donald Trump does not have any political background. His election as the 45th president of America in 2016 was a surprise. The President’s political advisers expected him to use the platform to highlight his accomplishments. They also expected a lowdown on his pitch for next four years. However, the second term hopeful went off at a tangent. He appeared to be harboring a fear complex about Democrats. It seems there are nearly two dozen of them trying to oust him. They have launched their campaigns and media reports suggest tough competition ahead. Funds are necessary to run such campaigns and Donald Trump and Mike Pence hosted a fundraising reception for high-dollar donors before the event. Moreover, there were food trucks and a performance by a live band to entertain supporters who waited in line outside the rally.

Trump examines border wall prototypes in California. [Image source/YouTube video]

Achievements of Donald Trump

The Mexico border wall was a promise he made in his 2016 campaign. Work has started, it has passed the design and prototype stage but progress is slow. This is because of non-allotment of funds. Secondly is the issue of North Korea and its nuclear ambitions. He held two summits with Kim Jong-un to discuss denuclearization. It is work-in-progress. Thirdly is the return to moon mission. He wants NASA to revive interest in the moon and send the first woman there. America has always been ahead in space activities, and he wants the trend to continue.

Moment Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump share historic handshake. [Image source/YouTube video]

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