Drunks of UK top the list, those from America, Canada and Australia follow


It is healthy to drink in moderation. However, when it crosses the limit, it becomes a matter of worry. It affects the individual as well his family members. A global survey reveals an interesting fact about drunks. It seems drinkers in the UK get drunk more often compared to others. Drinkers in America, Canada and Australia follow in the pecking order. The report is of 2019 and covers 36 countries during the period October 29 and December 30 last year. It finds Britons get drunk almost once a week and researchers feel it is high time to introduce some sort of guidelines. These could include tips on how to get drunk safely. The survey contacted 5400 people in UK covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. On a global basis, the numbers were more than 120,000.

It was a wakeup call

This report is the eighth annual report. In the opinion of Professor Adam Winstock, founder of the survey, there are no guidelines of getting drunk. The yardstick varies from person to person. At times, the result becomes unpleasant and embarrassing. Once a person gets drunk, he might get into quarrels and even fights. It is applicable to both men and women. Hence, in order to prevent such situations, one must know ones limitations. They must not cross the threshold of decency.

After effects of getting drunk

Some  people can hold their drinks while others become tipsy too soon. However, getting drunk too often carries with it risks of injury and health issues. If a drunk drives when drunk, he will face police action. Therefore, there is a need to highlight the pitfalls in the interests of society. As per present NHS guidelines, there is no “safe” level of drinking but those who drink must formulate their own limits. That will help to maintain a healthy society.

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