Europe struggles with heat wave – Belgium zoo feeds frozen chickens to its tigers

The second dangerous heatwave of summer 2019 is set to test the resilience of Europe with France looking at temperatures of around 42C on Thursday.


Europe struggles with heat wave and will have to fight it out. It will have to work out how to combat the threat that killed 15,000 in 2003. The weathermen say Paris might face temperatures of around 42C by Thursday afternoon. If so, it would break the previous high of 40.4C recorded in July 1947. A number of cities in France including Bordeaux faced all-time highs of more than 40C. This is the second dangerous heatwave of summer 2019. Not just France but other European countries are also feeling the heat. These are Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. In UK, the Met office says temperatures could exceed the all-time high of 38.5C. The situation is critical and authorities are taking necessary action to tackle it. They are distributing water to homeless people. High alert is there for hospitals and residential care institutions. Shelters have also come up to provide shade.

France reaches its highest temperature ever during Europe’s heatwave. [Image source/The Sun YouTube video]

Europe struggles with heat wave and wants relief

The sudden rise in temperatures has disturbed lives. The World Meteorological Organization blames this on global warming.  It explains that the result of this increase in more frequent heatwaves in summer. These start earlier and become more intense. In the opinion of scientists, manmade global warming must stop to save the environment. During 2003, the heatwave killed 15,000. Majority of them were the elderly. Hence, the authorities have to ensure safety of the vulnerable population. The children and the elderly fall in this category.

Berlin bakes in new heatwave. [Image source/AFP news agency YouTube video]

Handling the heatwave crisis

In view of low water levels, officials banned river cruises on a 37-mile stretch of the River Danube in Germany. In Belgium, a zoo fed frozen chickens to its tigers and watermelons encased in ice to its bears. The heat affects not just humans also the animals. Of course, there will be demands for ice creams and cold drinks. Some cities install open-air sprinklers to help people beat the heat.

Tigers at the Antwerp Belgium Zoo 2011. [Image source/Sonyag1 YouTube video]

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