Floods and landslides in Africa leave at least 40 dead in Kenya and Tanzania

Heavy rains have led to floods and landslides in Africa as rivers have burst their banks and left thousands of people requiring humanitarian assistance.


Central and eastern parts of Africa are reeling under the onslaught of heavy rains.  The floods and landslides in Africa have led to overflowing rivers. They have burst their banks and there are reports of loss of livesCongolese media says almost 40 people have died in Kenya and Tanzania. The disaster has displaced many people from their homes and they need humanitarian assistance. These will be in the form of basic necessities like food, shelter and medicines. Landslides have disrupted communication links. Roads are under water and bridges are closed. River Congo is in spate and the downpours affect thousands of people. Therefore, the Congo-Brazzaville government declared a state of emergency. Another river is the Oubangui. It runs between Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic. Situations of this nature test the preparedness of the authorities.

Loss of lives

The floods and landslides in Africa has led to loss of lives. It seems 29 people in Kenya died in landslides in the Pokot region of Kenya. Another 10 drowned in a river in Tanzania. The toll could rise once more details emerge after the weather clears. The interior minister expressed sympathies to the families and friends of the dead. Army and police helicopters are taking action to rescue the stranded people. Kenya Red Cross is also assisting rescue efforts. Their focus is to locate bodies buried under the mud.

Somalia and Sudan also facing the effects

The violent downpours have not spared Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania. They are also trying to tackle the ravages of nature. Nearly a million people in south Sudan could face starvation. Floods are not new to the eastern regions in Africa. However, in the opinion of scientists, the present crisis could be due to a climate phenomenon in the Indian Ocean.

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