Floods in Britain derail lives, shoppers and staff stranded at a shopping complex

Incessant rains led to flooding in rivers like the Don and “danger to life" severe flood warnings hoisted in different places of northern England.


Incessant rains have led to floods in Britain and rescue teams pulled out the body of a woman from floodwaters in Derbyshire. The authorities have cautioned the people and have put up warning notices in northern England. In the opinion of locals, no one has seen such extensive flooding in this region since 2007. The situation is a result of heavy rainfall, which was the equivalent of a month’s rainfall in just 24 hours. That led to rescue operations and many had to evacuate from their homes due to rise in river levels. There were instances of some people trapped overnight at a shopping center. Schools had to close down. Communication links also broke down with roads closed and rail services cancelled due to flooding. The Environment Agency urged people to stay away from swollen rivers, as a precautionary measure. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Authorities caution about floods in Britain

In order to the people updated on the subject of floods in Britain, the authorities have identified danger prone areas. These have seen unexpected rise in water levels of the rivers. The River Don has risen to 6.30m against a normal average of between 0.2m and 3.6m. This is a matter of concern and there are dangers of possible flooding of homes and businesses. Moreover, fast-flowing water could endanger lives, and cut off some communities.

The floods took people by surprise

Floods are results of climate disorders and often take people by surprise. In this case, large numbers of shoppers and staff got stranded at a shopping complex. They had no alternative but to bed down for the night wherever they could – on chairs, benches and in-store furniture. Northern Rail has issued “do not travel” advice for customers on several routes.

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