Frantic search on in Italy for an ‘escape genius’ bear from captivity

The 149kg bear performed a miraculous escape by climbing over three electric fences and a four-meter high barrier at a wildlife enclosure in Italy and disappeared into the woods.


‘Escape genius’ bear was really a genius. It was an Alpine brown bear weighing nearly 149kg. The incident happened in a wildlife enclosure in Italy. Its escape caught the authorities unawares. The massive animal climbed over three electric fences and a four-meter high wall. It then escaped into the nearby woods. Forest rangers are now hunting for it. The bear fled from the Casteller center soon after its capture. President of Trentino issued orders for its capture. This was because it strayed into human habitats and was a risk to humans. No one knows the present location of the animal. It was probably in La Marzola Mountain, south of Trento. The president later gave an order to kill the animal. This was because of its daredevil nature. It climbed over an electric fence with seven wires at 7,000 volts. The shooting order led to protests from animal rights groups.

A brown bear in Transylvania. [Image source/Zoltan Baczo YouTube video]

‘Escape genius’ bear was an Alpine brown bear

The population of Alpine brown bears in Trentino was just four. That had to be set right. Therefore, in 2000 the authorities took steps to bring them back. In 2000, EU funded a nature park to house the bears under the Life Ursus project. It was the Adamello Brenta nature park where 10 Alpine bears arrived. They came from Slovenia and today there are 50 of them. The environment ministry has criticized the decision to shoot it down. It seems a team is investigating on how the ‘escape genius’ bear escaped. That too in spite of the fencing and wall.

Probable fate of this bear

The environment minister feels the handling of the issue lacked professionalism. He criticized the inefficient methods employed. In his opinion, the order to kill the bear was “absurd.” Life Ursus said that there could be legal action taken. They feared the Alpine brown bear could suffer the same fate as that of King Kong. That was the ape in the monster adventure film.

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