Gun battle in Mexico between police and drug cartel leaves around two dozen dead

The hour-long gun battle in Mexico took place near the US border. Four police officers lost their lives out of around two dozen casualties.


It is a perennial war between the police and members of drug cartels. This gun battle in Mexico happened in Villa Union located in Coahuila, an hour’s drive from Texas. The shooting came a few days after President Trump indicated he wanted to label Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations. The suspected cartel members were armed. They arrived in a convoy of trucks and stormed the town. Their targets were local government offices, which prompted intervention of state and federal forces. Coahuila state Gov. Miguel Angel Riquelme said four of the dead were police officers. They lost their lives during the initial confrontation. He also said many persons were missing. Security forces reacted and killed some members of the gang. The menace of drug cartels is a worry for the police who have to resort to strong measures that led to bloodshed.

Murder rate is on the rise

This gun battle in Mexico is not something new to the country. There has been a rise in its murder rate.  Statistics of Federal officials reveal in the current year, there have been 29,414 homicides. In comparison, last year it was 28,869. That is not a healthy trend. In early November, a drug cartel ambush killed nine Americans. That brought into focus global attention on the on rising violence in Mexico.

There will be strengthening of security

Gov. Riquelme said police had identified some of the vehicles involved in the attack. They have also seized a number of firearms. In the initial stages of the encounter, some gang members fled into the rugged terrain. The governor assured security forces would remain in the town to restore a sense of calm. Incidentally, the town is not far from the site of a 2011 cartel massacre in which the death toll was 70.

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