Halle Berry and actor who could replace Daniel Craig as James Bond


Ian Fleming created the super spy James Bond codenamed 007 who had license to kill to complete his mission. He was a British who had a taste in the good things of life from women and fast cars to drinks. He came on the scene in the Cold War period and he always got the better of his adversaries as was evident in the first James Bond film which was “Dr. No” in 1962. It went on to set a new trend in action movies when animation, as we know it, was nonexistent. The brand has, so far, delivered 24 movies and each of them has ventured into new territories with exotic new locations and with plenty of action thrown in.  Therefore, in keeping pace with the times, the actor in the role of 007 has kept changing.

Halle Berry has a few answers

Right now, Daniel Craig is busy shooting “Bond 25”. It is his fifth outing in the role of 007 and speculation is rife on his successor. Sean Connery was the first and Daniel Craig is the 25th. All of them were good actors but some failed to impress and the question on everybody’s lips now is – after Daniel, who? Halle Berry (52) has had her say on the matter. She was Bond’s girl in “Die Another Day” and has indicated her choice. In that movie of 2002, Pierce Brosnan played the role of Bond.

She mentions two of her choices

Her options are Hugh Jackman or Idris Elba. Both of them are in an age slot that matches with that of Daniel Craig, the present James Bond. Craig is 51 years old while Jackman is 50 and Elba is 46. Berry feels one of them should don the mantle of the man licensed to kill before they become old to make any impression on the audience. When talking about her association as a Bond girl in “Die Another Day” she describes them as fun times.

James Bond girl Halle Berry reveals her CHOICES to replace Daniel Craig as 007

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