Karachi’s women cyclists want cycles since they are environment friendly

Cycling is good for health and is an environment friendly medium of transport but women cyclists in Karachi are very few.


Karachi is a city in Pakistan and its womenfolk want to cycle. Women cycling around in this country is a rare sight. Those who dare to indulge in such acts are treated like aliens. This is because society frowns upon acts of this nature. Therefore, they do it on the sly and in groups. They wear ballet slippers and tuck their headscarves under helmets. Moreover, elders and the men expect them to ride sidesaddle on motorcycles. To add to their miseries, they have to stop cycling once they become teenagers. Therefore, they want freedom. One reason is to move about in the crowded city. Its population is around 15 million. It was once a fishing village, became Pakistan’s first capital and is now its economic hub. Obviously, traffic is more and transportation options for women are limited. Incidentally. Pakistan has many tourist attractions. Click this link to learn more.

Pakistan: Girls on bikes get exercise and empowerment. [Image source/DW News YouTube video]

Cycling is an answer for women cyclists in Karachi

The city does have a bus service but the condition of the vehicles are not good. Only a few seats are reserved for women. They have to squeeze into that space. In addition, they suffer harassment inside the bus as well as at the bus stops. The result is that they have to walk long distances. Yes, there are alternatives. One of these is to share a rickshaw or taxi, an expensive affair. The other is to depend on some member in the family to drive them to work and school.

Girls cycling in Karachi. [Image source/Lyari Girls Café LGC YouTube video]

These women cyclists have formed groups

Cycling is a mode of transport that is environment friendly. Another advantage is that it is a healthy option since it exercises the body muscles. Therefore, the women cyclists of Karachi have set up groups. They enjoy riding around in the early mornings on near empty streets. Society should encourage these steps because they help the women to become more self-confident.

Al-Rehman Biryani Street Food of Karachi Pakistan. [Image source/Rashida Hussein YouTube video]

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