Keep your heart in shape with alternative therapy

Medicines and medication can cure any heart ailment, but there are useful alternatives.


Heart is the most vital organ of our body. It needs care and can lead to serious health issues if neglected. Diseases of the heart used to be associated with the elderly. Things have changed and today even youths suffer from heart problems. This is a byproduct of modern day lifestyle, which is always on the fast track. Stress at the workplace is common. It aggravates when there is emotional stress. They rush to doctors and fall in the trap of medicines. Keep reading to know more about alternative therapy. Words like angiography, angioplasty, bypass surgery and heart transplants are common.  Since heart problems and obesity are interlinked, one should avoid fast foods. Simple walking around the office and corridor helps those who have desk jobs. When it comes to mental stress, yoga can help because it calms the nerves. More about keeping heart in shape with alternative therapy follows.

Exercise is Medicine: The Benefits of Cycling to Work. [Image source/Renown Health YouTube video]

Alternative therapy can keep your heart in shape

Heart is the engine that drives the body. It must always be active and pump blood through the arteries. This can happen when the body engages in action. Problems arise when there is a blockage of the arteries. To avoid this, the vital organ must never idle which can happen if one uses his other organs more frequently. Alternative therapy is a solution. Some of these are brisk walking, jogging, cycling and climbing the stairs. High-rise buildings are the norms today and they come with lifts. If one begins to use the stairs instead the lift, it will help. Similarly, for traveling short distances. Instead of using a vehicle, one can just walk. Another option is the treadmill. It can simulate many of these activities and are available in gyms. There are also domestic versions. Swimmers can go for dips regularly. The main objective must be to exercise the heart.

Walking for Health. [Image source/UCLA Health YouTube video]

Yoga is an alternative therapy for the heart

Yoga is an up and coming therapy for many diseases. Its origin is in India and old-timers used it extensively. Of late, it gained global acceptance because people have realized the benefits. Yoga is about concentration that helps to relaxing the senses. Click here to know more.

Treadmill Workout for Beginners. [Image source/Cheap Treadmill YouTube video]

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